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Still Toilet Training 18 months later Lock Rss

18 months after starting toilet training my 4 1/4 year old still can not make it to the toilet in time and soils his pants 9 times out of 10. I feel so desparte and do not know what to do to help/encourage him.

The problem seems to be that he doesn't know when to go, leaving it too late so that it comes out while he is running to the toilet. He gets constipated quite easily so has lactulose every day, which helps keep it soft but when constipated he will visit the toilet 3-4 times(over several hours) before anything comes. We have tried star charts, sticker books, treats, rewards etc. On the advice of Plunket I have now told him he can not start morning kindy until he learns to keep his undies clean (in an attempt to make him want to keep his pants clean). I feel like I have tried everything - praise when he does well, ignoring accidents, getting angry. I always make him clean his soiled pants himself but that does not bother him either.

10 days ago he also started wetting the bed at night after being completely dry for several months.

Claire, PN

I don't want to sound negative or mean, but maybe it's worth taking him to Dr, just to make sure, because there may be some physical reason why he can not manage the toilet training.

Maybe he feels the same pressure you do about him getting the toilet thing sorted out, so maybe that's why he's started wetting the bed again...?

I really don't know, I just think it's worth getting a medical opinion; imagine how you'd feel if you'd been askin him to do something he's not physically able to do? Best of luck
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