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help toilet training 18mth old? Lock Rss

my 18mths old when ever i wana change her nappie she yells no she doesn't have a rash and she tells me when shes done number 2. i think she is ready to be toilet trained but don't want to toilet train her now cause its cold and winter is comeing. my mother realy wants me to start toilet training her but my mil tells me to wait until summer that way there will be less 'accidents' because its warmer.

can anyone help

Salwa, 2 girls, sydney

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You may find that she is ready, but in all honesty you wait till she is at least dry for 2 hour periods. Start with wee on the potty at the bath before bath time and progress to first morning wee's then after every meal break, before and after naps, and praise any accidental poo's on potty. This started me off well. hope this helps.

Mrs. L Commins

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