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Hi I have a little girl who has just turned four, I am struggling to get her to wear nickers, even attempt toilet training, I have tried everything she cries and screams at the potty and toilet, I have tried bribing her with a gift at the end of the week, if she uses the toilet. I am at witts end to no what to do? Can someone please help.


Hi emmo my son will be three in a couple of weeks and until a couple of weeks ago would have nothing to do with undies or the pottie/toilet. Then one day I discovered he would do anything for a smartie even put on a pair of undies or sit on the pottie. I know I can't go on giving him chocolate forever but with the smartie bribe I am getting him to sit on the pottie and do a wee once or twice a day. It's a start. Perhaps you just need to find her weakness. He has to actually do a wee to get the smarties and it was a big incentive for him. He needs a reward each time I don't think a promise of something at the end of the week is enough for him. Good Luck. TT is tough.
hi there
i have a 3 year old daughter who i have been trying to toilet train for 4 months with no luck whatsoever....i tried leaving undies on her to see if she would cringe at having wet pants but when she did wet her pants she just kept playing in them as it didnt bother her...i tried bribing her and giving her presents but that didnt work....then when i thought all else had failed she finally one day did a wee on the potty and i made the biggest deal of it telling her how proud i was of her and giving her a big hug and kiss and ringing daddy at work so that she could tell him and little girl was beaming at all the praise.....she was finally on the way to using the potty......then last week i had the potty in the loungeroom in the middle of the floor in front of the thing i looked up and here she was taking nappy off and sitting on the potty all by herself doing a wee....when she got off she was soo excited that she came and told me......i was so proud of her and i told her and did the whole kiss and cuddle thing and she was beaming once again....
she is now going to the potty on her own when she needs to and she tells me if she needs help......everytime she does go i praise her and tell her what a big girl she is and how proud i am of her we do the big kiss and cuddle thing and then we both go to the toilet to empty it and she flushes the button and washes her hands and when daddy comes home he does it as well....i always make sure that she feels like she is helping.
i found that encouragement and praise and kisses and cuddles worked sooo much better than treats and lollies. oh and also leaving the potty in front of the tele helped A LOT.....

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I was at my wits end with my almost 3 year old girl, she would yell and scream everytime I suggested we go sit on the potty but then one day she actually wanted to sit on the potty and she did a wee. I was so proud I gave her so much praise and encouragment and kisses that she was so excited about using the potty. We still give her lots of praise and hugs and it seems to work. Keep trying at it eventually she will come around
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