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too busy to notice Lock Rss

I have a 2 1/2 year old who is just too busy to go to the potty or the toilet we have been using pull ups and just knickers but does not seem to care when she wets them. We are wanting to put her in 3 yr old kindy next year but that wont happen if she is not toilet trained

She sat on the potty a few times about 6 months ago just before her sister came along but now does not want to bother

Does anyone have any suggestions!!!!

ps also due in april with my third and definitely do not want all three in nappies
[Edited on 20/10/2008]
All kids are too busy, I think parents need to be super proactive and push the toileting routine they want. Some kids upto the age of 7/8 will still wet/poo themselves as they are too busy (having fun) and ignour the signs.

My suggestion is to take her to the toilet every 45 minutes, make it as fun as possible and reward her for participating. Hopefully you will catch a few wee/poo which will build her confidence.

Play off being a 'big girl' against your 2nd child, that is a big psychological card you can play.

Take her to the toilet with you every-time, talk about it - get her to help you. Talk about how you are a big girl, and big girls go to the toilet et.

Watch her body language. If you can identify those signs before, adn then plan your trip to the toilet - you will have more success.

You need to be consistent and persisant. If you have a slack day where you just let her crap in her nappy, then it can put the whole process back substantially.

Once she is starting to identify those feelings and tell you, switch to knickers full time in the day. This is very time consuming as you have to be super proactive, but once the routine is set - she will take over and you will only need to remind when she is really engrosed in some-thing or you are about to go out.

Best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I found it useful to put my 2y.o's potty next to her play area so it wasn't far to go to put her on when she started doing #1s or #2s. Then I made a big deal out of making it to the potty (even if nothing made it). I praised her for the step that she did achieve.

I also let her push the button on the toilet herself. I just put her in knickers as the pull ups are just glorified nappies. We also role played taking her teddy 'potty' and using the right language just to take the anxiety out of it and make it fun. We also got books from the library written for toddlers.

These are the things that really helped me. She toilet trained in 2 weeks and is compltely dry during the day. It was exhausting OMG so exhausting but worth it.

You certainly have your hands full, so good luck! =)

We are also having this trouble. It's so frustrating. My DD is now 3 and really has no interest in going to the toilet. She will still hide when she needs to do a poo so I know she knows what she is doing and when she needs to go. We have tried praise. We also tried just leaving her in undies. She would just wet or poo them and just keep on going. She doesn't seem to care. I guess she will be ready in her own time. But I'm thinking it's only another year or so before she starts kindy so I'm hoping she does it fairly soon so she is well ready.
Will just have to be persistent.
Good luck with you though, I think my DD is just lazy. Lol.

My daughter now 3yrs and I tried toilet training for at least 8 weeks. Basically I took her to the toilet about every hour and when i didn't she had an accident, which didn't seem to bother her at all. So i was cleaning her up whilst trying to keep her sister out of it. It was so frustrating! After every accident I said 'o well, next time let's try to put it in the toilet'. When I asked where we put wees and poos, she always said in the toilet. She asked to wear undies, but never asked to go to the toilet. Pretty much I was doing her 'toileting'! I read books about it, talked about being a big girl, she watched us go to the toilet, she could do it all, but only if we took her.

If anyone knows how to make them understand what is going on in their bodies, let me know - I ran out of ideas! I called a parentline in desperation and they suggested giving it a break. So we stopped straight away and she settled back into nappies without any problems. I still talk about when you wee/poo on the toilet you get to wear all the cool undies, but there is no sign that she knows what is going on in her body. Either that or she doesn't care. Being wet wasn't a problem.

Quite frankly, I don't want to try again and figure she'll figure it out before she leaves home. LOL. But realistically, I know we will have to try again and I'm dreading it. So any ideas would be great! I'm all out!
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