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HELP 3 year old refuses to poo in potty ?????? Lock Rss

Hi all,

My daughter is pretty well toilet trained for her wee and only has the occasional accident now mainly when she is having fun and thinks she is too busy. However, we are struggling to get her to do the same with her poo. SHe went in the toilet once a long time ago and didnt like it now i just cant get her to do it at all. I have a chart and stickers have given her encouragement and even tried getting her to tell us why she is frightened to go but she just wont. She will either hold off til she is in bed with her pullup on or just go in her undies. I would really like any insight from others who are going through or have had the same problem.

Thanks in advance

Hi Shaz,

I have the opposite, so I am not sure how much advice I can really give you, my son seems to get the poo alright, it is the wees (or tinkles as he calls them) that I am struggling with.

What did help with my son was I saw Rove refer to the crab he voiced in Finding Nemo, as a 'poo-eating crab', so when my son next watched that movie we talked about feeding the crabs his poo. It has not had the same effect with his tinkles unfortunately!

Good luck

Chantelle Smith

Hi Shaz

I have a 3 1/2 yr old daughter who has the exact same problem. I figured out that its the sitting down to poo that is somehow scaring her. She will only poo standing with her pullup on.

I've been using a reward chart too. When I figured out that she didn't want to sit down to poo, I told her that she needed to at least stand in the toilet room to poo, because thats where everyone goes to poo. She got a sticker on her reward chart for doing that, and after 5 or 6 stickers she got a gift. She loves My Little Pony, so I got her a small one of those. That really excited her so for the next step I told her if she could sit on the toilet and poo with her pullup on she would get another pony when she got 5 more stickers on the chart. I took her to the shop to pick out the pony herself and we put that on a shelf in the toilet so she could look at it while she pooed. She finally got it a couple of nights ago.
Now she's trying to poo with no nappy, she tried last night and got too upset half way thru and wanted a nappy so I gave her one. but she wants to keep trying because she's now got a big pony waiting on the shelf for when she finally does it. It's taken a while to figure it all out, but she seems to be on the right track now, I hope some of this helps
Hi Shaz,

I am having the exact same problem with my daughter and was just wondering if you have had any luck so far??
I am having the same problem with my son, he is 2years 11 months. our problem is he does small amounts of poo frequently in his jocks, probley changing him 6 to 7 times a day.
Any hinters would be great
Hi Shaz, you are not alone!! My son in just over 3 and wees perfectly ib the toilet but will not poo. Will only poo in his undies - and he does it standing up. If we push too hard with him, he holds it in and then can't go and gets sick. I read all your responses and was actually just going to try what one of them said - get them to do it as they are now but in the right room. Then move to sitting. I've tried all sorts of rewards - but to no avail. If we have any luck, will let you know! Good luck!!
My 3 1/2 yr old daughter has the same problem. Wears undies and hasn't had a wee accident for a few weeks but will not do her poo's on the toilet or potty.
We've tried stickers, lollies, music, reading, getting her to pick out a reward and displaying for when she does one in the toilet. She talks a lot about what happens if the poo goes into the toilet but doesn't try at all.

I think this is a fantastic tip, and will try it out.

Thank you!

[Edited on 15/12/2008]
Hi there! This seems to be a really common thing. My 2 year old was toilet trained (wees) in about 3 days - with 2 accidents but she freaks out when she does a poo which always happens in her undies. The second she does it, she runs to the toilet say 'toilet, toilet' and is obviously distressed when she has done it (not sure if shes distressed about doing it or doing it in her undies). We have been able to encourage her to do one in the toilet three times but each time she has freaked out afterward and we have had to pry her butt off the toilet because she keeps saying 'need do poo'. If anyone has ANY ideas of what to do in this situation, please help!!!!
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