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Have been trying to toilet train our 2 year old girl for about 4 months now. She showed all the signs of readiness, I read up on all sorts of advice, huggies forum etc. but now she still wets her pants every time unless I happen to catch her at a time she needs to go (I take her to the toilet or potty at least every 45 mins to 1 hour). She never tells me when she wants to wee - doesn't even seem to know until she's doing it. She occasionally lets me know when she needs to poo.
I have tried everything: stickers, treats, pants, pull-ups, heaps of praise etc etc. but nothing seems to make much difference. Feeling inadequate - any advice?

Jamie, SA, 2 year old daughter

I would give it a break for a while and maybe wait until she is a little older. I had been trying to toilet train my 2 1/2 yr old girl but she screamed everytime I mentioned the potty. I left it till about 1 week ago and she must have decided it was time she is almost 3 now. Give her lots of praise and hugs when she finally does go. She will get there
I agree, maybe wait until she lets you know she's ready. My 2 and a half year old, just decided to sit on the potty one day and do a wee. I wasn't even going to start her yet, as she has only recently started talking. You'll have more misses than hits, but in the end, they feel so proud of themselves. My daughter claps hands and does what we call the "wee dance" everytime she goes!!

Emily, NSW, Tegan 2/5yrs, Damon 12mths

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