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I need help!! Lock Rss

It's getting ridiculous. He just DOESNT understand at all. He constantly wees on the floor in jocks, he's fine running around in the nude though. I ask him if he needs to wee, he says "no" and then watches himself wee on the floor!! Im getting really really frustrated and dont know what else to do

Sticker charts and treats are no good. I just want to scream!
Hi Denae,

In my opinion it sounds as if he isn't quite ready yet, especially with sticker charts and treats not doing the trick.

Maybe first try with some familiarisation. Like keep him in nappies most of the time. Before showers and baths see if he will use the toilet. IF he does do a wee make a HUGE deal out of it. Let him come in with you and his daddy or see other little children use the toilet/potty. As soon as Ryan saw his little cousins using the toilet he wanted to be just like them. I think there are also some great books around for young toddlers to grasp the concept of using the toilet.

When we first started toilet training i would take him to do a wee every 45 minutes. I wouldn't even ask him, just took his hand and said come on lets skip to the loo, (or jump, hop, run etc) This worked really well for us. Sometimes he wouldn't need to but it got him used to having to make time to go iykwim? I would make a huge deal out of it, high 5's, tell him he was a big boy like (daddy, a friend, puppa etc) I still have to ask him from time to time as he will forget but he does all his wees in the toilet now.

Good luck, i know it can be a very frustrating time!
Its just the jocks under pants, hes fine in the nude. He knows when he needs to wee or poo and tells me. We go to the toilet and he goes. Hes fine, its just the jocks. He can wear jocks on their own and does fairly good (few accidents but no biggy) but i cant put bloody pants on him lol

Sticker charts wont work because he doesnt understand all that stuff yet

Treats worked for a while but then he just got a little greedy and too hyper on sweets!

Ive done all that, he KNOWS he has to wee, its not the fact he isnt ready... thats whats frustrating!!!! But yet, i can go out all day with him in jocks and he doesnt have one accident. Its constantly 1 step forward and 2 steps back

I dont know how to encourage him on the bad days?

ETA we have the weeing on the potty and toilet down packed, its just the jocks. Ive tried pulls up, but he treats them like nappies. I dont want to go backward when we've come so far. He started about 2 months ago and i know its a huge thing to grasp and i feel horrible for getting so annoyed at him but some days i cant help it. I have so much stuff going on without having to clean up wee off the floor all the time! I know hes done really well so far, i just need to show him how good he is doing and at the moment me (overdramatically) jumping around, clapping hands and saying good boy' just isnt working as well lol
[Edited on 28/11/2008]
Hmmm, i'm not really sure what you could try....!
I guess it's a case of persisting andhoping that he gets used to it soon. We used to have the same problem, him being naked was perfect but with the sensation of jocks he would forget. I just kept going until he grasped it. But i must admit we used a sticker chart which helped us a lot.

Not really sure what you can do but hope you get some answers and he stops weeing in his jocks soon smile
OH......i would get annoyed too, it's not their fault but it justs adds to everything else you have to do in a day...and you have 2 kids, i only have 1 lol.
Maybe i'm underestimating him and should try the sticker chart? Might be worth a go rather then trying to give him a lolly everytime lol

You are right though, i just need to be persistant! I guess he'll pick it up eventually...

Silly me thought i should wait to TT until after Layla was born but then i started when she was 2or 3 weeks old anyway lol so it didnt make much of a difference!

Thanks Stace!
My 3 1/4 boy has been out of nappies for over 6 months. It's been a struggle (understatement!).

I just wanted to jump on here and say Denae babe, you are so not alone! Felix wouldn't have gone a whole week in six months without an accident. We do star charts and make a big deal of it, take him with us when we go, i think i've tried and do everything anyone has ever suggested.

About 2 months ago a friend gave me a pep talk and i shifted my thinking from 'he's trained' to 'he's still in-training' and have been cool about it, cleaning up at least one mess a day, but not making a big deal out of it, getting him to help clean it up, i've been proud of how well he's been doing.
Then about a week ago he started getting one in the loo a day (i know he can do it) but the rest accidents! Today i lost it and raised my voice and was a drama queen. Argh. I'm still recovering. I give up. I'm beaten. I'm going to be cleaning up that boys 1's and 2's forever. God I hope my second son picks it up quicker.

Sorry Denae, this isn't very helpful - lol.

oh, and other than with toilet training, he is a very smart, lovely and generally cooperative little boy.
[Edited on 08/12/2008]

awww i really want to give you a big hug because i know just how you feel!! lol isn't it frustrating? and i know the drama-queen thing all too well LOL

I mean, its just wee or maybe a poo and each time they have an accident you promise yourself you wont get upset the next time, but you do lol

Ive been a lot calmer since i wrote this thread. He has good and bad days just like Felix and he's very loving and smart too just like your little man too.

(oh we both have coen/cohen's!)

Ive decided with Layla, that she can go pee outside LOL less mess!!!
I dont have much advice... we are still toilet training and have the same problem with undies, its occurred to me after reading your post that maybe our kids confuse undies with a nappy and think they can pee in them? Anyway just wanted to mention that and also let you know if we ask our DD if she wants to go the answer is always no so we tell her its toilet time, sometimes she'll willingly go - the max times per day we've gotten to is six... the rest of the time she chucks a wobbly screaming "I dont want to go toilet". Sometimes we persist and she will actually need to go, other times we dont bother.

She was poo trained for over six months and then in the past month has started having accidents... in the paddle pool, in the bath, doing it in her nappy again - I dont know what is up with that.

We are just soldiering on and hopefully it will happen for us soon, I really thought she'd grasp it quicker but after talking to other mums at playgroup with kids the same age (a bit over 2 1/2) turns out they are all at the same stage.
thanks for that smile i agree with them getting the nappy and undies mixed up! I always repeat to him before i put jocks on him that hes wearing jocks and he cant wee in them. Sometimes he'll go all day with no accident then other times, its a complete disaster lol

I guess its a huge step and i know i need to be a little more patient lol

ive started taking him to the toilet even when he says he doesnt need to wee

He also doesnt sleep with a nappy on at nap time and he can sleep up to 3 hours and wont have an accident so thats great smile

We are getting there... 1 step forward, 2 steps back isnt it
Hi Nae!

Maybe let Cohen pick out some special undies like the bob, thomas or cars ones. If he's really keen on the undies then he might think "hang on I don't want to get my undies wet/dirty" and go to the toilet/potty.

I just keep reminding Judd when he's got undies on by saying "Juddie remember you've got undies on" and "No wees in undies ok".

Hi Danae

I know exactly what you are going through. I am to the point with my 3.5 year old DS - I just don't think he will EVER be toilet trained. Like you I decided to wait until after I had Tyler in January to start - maybe I left it too late. I have been trying on and off since February, I've tried treats, sticker charts, etc. Nothing is working. He will only put his undies on if I give him a treat for doing it - have been through the picking out undies with him, he has the Thomas ones and Bob ones.

He just doesn't want anything to do with the toilet or the potty. He knows when he needs to go - if he has undies on and needs to go he tells me he needs his nappy pants on now and goes nuts until they are on.

It also doesn't help that he is an extremely stubborn child - nothing has ever really been easy with him. I am to the point now that I am embarassed that he is not toilet trained - what must other mums think!!

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