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Worried about not trained for school Lock Rss

Hi, I have a 3 year old girl who is not yet toliet trained. I put her in pants during the day and a pull up for sleeps as she treats pull ups as nappies. I am really woried that she wont be trained in time for starting school ( February next year) she will sit on it with a lot of prompting, wipe herself, flush the toliet but will not do anything in it. Instead wetting herself and not saying anything or waiting till she has her pull up on. Everyone keeps on at me that she should be trained and the school wont take her but what can I do, I cant make her go. Has anybody any advice on this. I would really appreciate it. Cheers

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004


I don't understand what you mean about school. In NSW, children don't go to school until they have there 5th birthday, so to speak!

I would not worry too much about a 3 yo not toilet trained, she still has plenty of time!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

What I mean is that in WA She will be starting Kindergarten the year she turns 4. She is 4 in May so she will be starting this Feb ( she will be 3)which is only 7 months away. The way it is going I dont see her learning before then. She starting to just refuse going to the toliet, I have to bribe her to sit on it. Its hard when my inlaws and my husband at times are worried that shes behind. And say to her when are you going to use the toliet. I reply that she will go when shes ready but then i get the ' she wont be allowed to go to school' ( kindergarten). I havent even contemplated when to start Night time training!!

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

I don't think the school can refuse to take her if she's not fully toilet trained, can they?
Also, 7 mths is a long time in a childs life. 7 mths ago my daughter was eating mash and crawling, now she is running, eating proper meals, and talking!

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

yes pre school can refuse to except a child if not toilet trained, as i got told that when i was enrolling my son to 3yo pre school, i just said he was toilet trained in the hope he will be ready next yr.

I think toilet training is the hardest thing in being a parent.
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