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Anyone currently tt??how is it going? Lock Rss

Just thought I'd post a message to see how other parents were going with toilet training their toddlers?

I started with my son a week ago....first 2-3 days were very tiring...accident after accident although he ran to me when he started going...then next few days were good, if I was able to get him onto the toilet every 30-60 mins(depending on how much he drank) he had no accidents, but then for some reason since yesterday arvo he's regressed a little and doing alot more accidents and getting to the potty way too late. I would love it if he was toilet trained by now..but looks like it'll be at least a few weeks yet...oh and he gets a bit scared of I make a big deal when he does it.

Fingers crossed he'll get the idea and go to the potty before he starts weeing!

Love to hear how others are going, or if you have any tips.
I just started toilet training this week. Dont really know wat i am doing. He refuses to go on the potty but he sits on the big toilet quite happy. I dont know when to put him on. When i change his nappy i usually sit him on the toilet. he doesnt tell me when he ready to go toilet but tells me when he done a NO 2. Am i supposed to let him go without a nappy and when i see him about to wee do i take him to the toilet then?


I've started with my 2y9m son this week too. We've tried in the past, but he's been really uncooperative until this week. I've been putting him in undies during the day - apart from sleeps - like you Mel. I got some from bigw and they are towelling with a small plastic lining inside the gusset. So they seem to hold the accidents enough - unless he's had a huge drink - but he can still feel when he's gone. I take him to sit on the potty about every half hour - if I can, I have an 11 month old as well which makes things a bit tricky sometimes. A couple of days ago, he went once without even telling me and did a wee with no problems!!! But that's a one-off so far. He still has heaps of accidents. I've tried to stay home as much as possible, but I did have to go out the other day and I put a nappy on him because he just doesn't seem to get it yet. I put undies on him as soon as we got home. I just don't know what to do. I think I'll just keep going the same way we are and hopefully it'll click soon. Sometimes I take him and he happily sits on the potty but nothing comes out and then 2 minutes after I put his pants back on he wets them!!! He goes and sits on the potty as soon as he's done it though, so obviously is starting to understand. I'm not even worrying about no.2's yet - I explain were they are supposed to go, but I'll be happy if he just gets the wees in the right place to start with.

Let me know how you are both going with it - and if you come across any useful tips.

we tried for the 4th time to TT ds 3y3m today... no success I really dont think hes ready still and im going to take him to the doctors.

His bowel movements are completely irregular and still like baby poo... anywhere from 2 - 6 per day.. and he still pee's every 15 minutes tiny little ones... We went through 6 pairs of jocks in the first hour and another 6 in the next 45 minutes....

pullups don't work he treats them like nappies
going nudie doesnt work cos he just does it anyway

wearing jocks he tells us after he's done it and it took over an hour of coaxing to even get him to wear jocks this morning

I've had a terrible day with TT today!!! hope everyone else is having much better luck

I really wanted DS out of nappies before the new baby arrives because 3 in nappies doesn't sound fun!

Sav 1y Bella 2y Zach 4y Alex 5y TTC#5

Hi Mel,
We have left Gemmas potty out for her to sit on when she feels the urge! For the last month she gets up in the morning, takes off her clothes and likes to run around in the nick all day. We try putting clothes on her but she usually takes off the bottom half in 5 minutes. She does wees on her potty now all the time unless she has a nappy on. I put a pair of nickers on her the other day, but she must havee thought they were a n@ppy as she wet them. She is quite good on the weeing side though, I will tell her to go wee on the potty and she will sit there for 5 minutes and do a wee. Now for trying to get number 2's in there as well!!
We make a big fuss of her doing a wee in the potty, we whoop and cheer, then we run down to the toilet, tip it out from the potty, close the lid and flush the button. Then we wash our hands and have a smartie as a reward!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

I have 2 year old twins that i have started a few times now-im at the stage now that they will be going to school in nappies!!!!!!

Kylie, NSW, 7year od and 2 year old twins

We havent had an accident in over a week!! yay!!!
My son is 2 + 3 months and i didnt really want to start him toilet training because:
a) all the trouble my sister had from starting her daughter too early (and is still having accidents at 3 1/2)

b) we had a new baby right after his 2nd birthday and

c) i just thought he wasnt ready!! But...

it was him that showed he was ready and even now, we went to the shops this morning and were gone for a little over 3 hours and he remained dry (even though i was starting to get nervous!!!)

I leave the bathroom door open and the potty on the floor. Also, i let him run around the house with either just undies or nothing on (just singlet and t-shirt as the weather is so warm at the moment) if no-one is here but just us...

Hope this helps

Cara, NSW - DS 04/01/04, DS 08/01/06

Oh, also, i wanted to add that he woke up dry this morning!!!

Sorry to brag but i was sooooo shocked!!!

After a few nights in a row where the nappy has leaked all over the sheets, i was surprised to find him waking up and there wasnt a drop in the nappy!!

Congratulations my big boy, i am so proud of you!!

Cara, NSW - DS 04/01/04, DS 08/01/06

Hi, I am new to the forum. I signed up because i am having alot of trouble with toilet training. My son is 2yrs and 6mths and he refuses to go to the toilet. He get upset when he has an accident and if you ask him were wee wees go he replies toilet. I am pregnant with number three and I would like him out by the time it is born in september. He dosent like potty. My daughter was fully trained by 2 and 2 months. Ive tryed rewarding and bribbing but dosent seem to work. It is getting very fustrating. Has anyone got some ideas that I might beable to try.
Hi I started training my DD about two weeks ago, (34 months old) we downloaded a potty chart from the web ( google potty chart or reward chart) laminated it and stuck it on the toilet wall, at first everytime she attempted to go to the toilet she got a sticker ( even if she didn't do anything) then her confidence built up and she was doing wees and she only got stickers when she actually did a wee in the toilet. We didn't go for a potty she liked to know she was using the same as mum and dad. We told her that when she fills her chart up with stickers she will get a surprise, well that was it she was going every five minutes ( it was as if she was holding on as much as she could and letting only little bits out so that she could get more stickers. Her first surprise was a day out at Fairy park in Annake (near Geelong) She loves it, we are on our second chart at home and nearly finished her chart at nanys house. She is now toilet trainind whilst awake, she still wears nappys at night time and during her sleep. We are very proud of her and how well she took to it, we had very few accidents. We have still yet to concur the number two's.... But we are on it...... Good luck!
Mel, pull=ups worled really well with my first daughter but now training my son he knows he can wee in pull-ups with nothing, so i put him in undies and it has worked a treat 3 weeks and no accidents so fingers crossed,

Belinda,Qld,3 children(1 in heaven)

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