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help i dont know wat to do Rss

My 2 half year old boy has a speech and hearing problem and i am trying to toilet train him. I dont know wat to do regarding starting. I have been sitting him on the toilet everytime i change his nappy as he starting to get interested in the toilet.

But because I cant understand him I dont know if or when he trying to tell me he needs to go. He doesnt show any physical squirming wriggling. he will tell me when he been number 2s tho.

I dont know if i should wait until he has surgery to get his hearing fixed or try before.

Help anyone got any advice on toilet training a boy with speech and hearing difficulties?


I unsure if you mean gromets or wether he has other hearing problems but after our son having gromets then his adnoids out We did not even think about toliet training way to much for him we found, everything else was achallenge let alone toliet training buut there is nothing wrong we found with letting him get used to it. mum of 2

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