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my son who is 2.5 and pooing in his pants anyone help a desperate father? Lock Rss

Hi my son is 2.5 and he has mastered the art of weeing some time ago and stand on the toilet although he does not like to sit. We are having problems with the pooing part though he will sit on the toilet not do a poo. After dinner normally he goes to a quite area does it in his pants and then tells you, he doesnt like to be told he is a naugthy boy but i do tell him he is for pooing in his pants. When you ask him where he does poo's he says "the toilet", he knows what he is doing but I cannot undertsand why he will not do his poo on the toilet. Can anyone help? I have been given a fisher price toilet today so hope this will help the process
I had the same problem with my daughter who was fully trained (wees) within three days (she is 2), but after 3 weeks of poos in her undies, I was losing all hope! About a week ago, she decided she would do one in the potty (freaking out at the time), and she has only done one in her undies since. I think the most important thing is to stay patient with them and be positive. If you get angry it doesn't help. Each time my daughter did a poo in her undies, we sat her on the toilet afterward and praised her for sitting on the toilet. I also bribed her with icecream to begin with and I think that may have had a bit to do with it!!!
Good Luck!
I had the same problem with my son who has been trained for around 9 months now.. However my sons bowel movements were never in a 'quiet corner' and never at one particular time of the day.
We had so many set backs and i was often led to calling my son a naughty boy. But that just upset both of us. I dont know if it was the negative reinforcement that did it or that he finally gave up fighting it (not being allowed nappies), he just woke up one day completely toilet trained. I was even able to take the night time nappy off him!

The reasons for your problem could be one of many.. Perhaps hes afraid of falling in.. or (beleive it or not) splashback or that having you wipe up after him is cleaner.. it could also be that he enjoys having the attention (even negative attention is attention) If you manage to get him to 'poo' on the toilet make it a big deal and make it an even bigger deal the next time..


Try (If you havent already) taking him to the toilet right after dinner every night. Eventually im sure it'll become routine and he could learn to go alone.

You could also try rewarding with some character undies (whatever he likes).. if he poos them then put them away (out of his draws) and give him 'boring' ones.. tell him he wears the other ones when he can keep them clean. (sounds mean but its motivation.. and i think it would work along the same lines as rewarding a child toilet training)

I think perhaps also combining the 2.. Just persist with the routine and when he gets the hang of it try him alone. If it looks to be working then reward him with the undies (make it a surprise and be sure to tell him why hes getting them) If theres a genuine accident, dont tell him hes naughty, use positive reinforcement. If he falls back however (goes back to the corner business) then take the undies and give him the normal undies. And start the routine again. Im sure it'll work in time.

If not perhaps go through a list of reasons he may not WANT to poo in the toilet. It may make the process easier to work out.

Sorry for the long post
Hope this helps


Thankyou everyone, some helpful suggestions. I also have a 2.5 yo girl who will hide and do a no2. I ask her when she hide's if she needs to do a no2 on the toilet, but she says 'no, Im just hiding' When we go out I have to put nappy pants on otherwise I could have a real mess to clean up. Usually she gets the no1's in the potty and I praise her, but also find myself getting quite frustrated at cleaning up the mess all the time, especially with a crawler in the house. If I interupt her when she is "hiding" and put her on the toilet, she will get upset and not go anyway, then hold it for a couple of hours until Im not looking and she will hide again.

Mum to 2 beautiful daughers

This may or may not be something you want to do but it has worked for both my boys. simply take their pants off. yep let them run around the house with no pants on. my experience is that they know it is completely unacceptable to poo on the floor and they'll head straight for the potty.

I think that the process is somewhat simpler for them if they don't have to come and ask for help to get their pants off.

Good luck
I toilet trained my son a month after his second birthday; hard work, but worth it, until week 3, when he got constipated. Then he refused to poo in the toilet. This was in April, so I put up with poo in his pants for 2 weeks, and my husband insisted he went back into nappies (daycare was pleased with this). I have just had 3 weeks off, and the wee; no problem, but refused to poo in the toilet. He has a special ladder seat, I have tried the sticker chart, reward chart, threatening that Santa is coming back to take his Christmas present back; and every time he poos in his pants, he laughs. He has even pooed where he stands on the carpet when he has no pants on rather than use the potty or toilet. He waits until his nappy is on at sleep time, then poos his nappy.
I do not subscribe to the 'he is not ready' theory, and believe the longer you leave it, the more opinion they have, and the more stubborn they become.
I was fed up today (day care was closed because they did not pay their rent, and the locks were changed; it is 41 degrees, and Sam is cranky) and I made him sit on the toilet for an hour with a toy he really wanted, but was still stuck in the box.
He pooed; he wanted the toy more than he wanted to stand up to me. I did a song and dance (clapped and praised), and we are both happy.
Children only know what we teach them, and I do not want my son to think that if he digs his heals in, I will pander to his whims. Be STRONG, because while it might be easier to give in and be soft, it will not get them pooing in the toilet. While every child is different, it seems to me the majority of the problem is personality based, and them wanting to be pig-headed, rather than the inability to understand the process.

Good Luck to anyone that needs it, stick with it, and don't give in.
Take his pants off, it worked for me. .5 weeks of poos in pants was enough. So i took off his pants and that was it. Now fully toilet trained 3YO


same prob here with my 3yr ds.. definately gunna try takin his pants off him for a while. u guys rock. hope it works and i dont have to clean the floor. eww. lol
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