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Too early I'm sure..... Lock Rss

Hi Guys,
This is probably an easy one - at 10 months she is probably just too young to TT - but I just wanted to hear other's thoughts.
She has refused to poo in her nappy from about 5 days old - and actually holds on until I undo her nappy (hates if she can't hold on and does it in the nappy) - because of this everyone has been telling me for MONTHS now that I should try to TT her. (yep - people have been telling me to try from about 6 months.....)
Ok - so 2 days before chrissie I thought - what the hell I'll see what happens. Put her on - she got off, weed on the floor - I put her back on and pointed to the wee and said "that's supposed to go in the potty" she thought about it and then did a poo straight away on the potty. From then on she actually made me walk her to the potty for 3 days - with maybe 2 or 3 wee's in the nappy - every poo in the potty!!
But then we had to go away for a night - I took the potty with us but she really didn't like the idea of going at someone else's house... since then - she has still done every poo on the potty. But only a few wee's and is cracking it with me if I try to suggest that she go.
I'm not sure what to do - whether to just give up until she's older - or keep trying since the pooing seems to still be working - and that she was doing so well before we went away - wish I hadn't gone.... argh...
She just seems so young and I don't want to push her too much if she's not ready.
What do you think????
hey, im the mum of an 11month old girl and i have been thinking about starting TT. im not sure what experts say either and my little one was a premmie so i should wait but you have encouraged me to just give it a go and see what happens. she is a clever little cookie and seems to pick things up quickly (excepet for the sleeping side of things). i say keep going, put your bub on the potty and just see how things pan out. Whats the worse that could happen!!!!


What you are doing is called "elimination communication" or "toilet timing" and if you google it you should find some interesting sites to read. My DD1 used the potty from 6-12 months, then when she started walking she was way too busy and a few other family dramas happened and she regressed back to nappies. She is now TTd at 2 for #1s but it was frustrating to go back to nappies. I would definitely keep at it but be prepared if she does regress (really common when they reach major milestones). My DD2 has been on the potty since 4 months (now 5.5) but I am not too consistent with putting her on and reading her cues but it is my new year goal to get her cuing better. Try and keep at it even if just for #2s.
I think it's awesome that she's doing poo in the potty already for most toddlers that's the part that takes the longest to get. I've read a lot of books/articles about toilet training and they say that it's not until a child is 18mths that they can actually understand the sensation of needing a wee and are able to hold on. However the "experts" also say not to even start toliet training until the age of 3!!!! My first son was fully toilet trained at 2 years 2 months!!!

I think you should keep going with what you're doing as long as you're not putting any pressure on her and just go with the flow!!!!

Good luck
Hey - thanks for your replies! I have kept it up and we haven't missed a poo yet! But then again - she hardly ever did one in her nappy anyway... smile still - it's exciting and she seems amused by what she's doing (and I've just started showing her that I flush it down the big toilet - she's finding that pretty amazing).
Wee's - well she's stopped getting frustrated with me which is great - and we're probably getting about 50/50. I'm not pushing her though.

Hey - Haidens mummy - keep me updated! Would love to know how you're going too.

and thanks for the info re: EC - hadn't heard of this before.
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