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2yr old climber Rss

i have a 2yr old who climbs on everything and anything he has been doin it since he was able to walk, it doesnt mater how many times i growl him or remove him from wot he is climbing on or standing on 2sec later he is doin the same thing i am at my wits end ,if anyone can give me any suggestions would be great help. cheers

dee ,nz

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Hi Jaydee,
My son 1 1/2 is exactly the same, he has been climbing since before he could walk, we have had to remove most of the furniture from the loungeroom, he is just so dangerous. A few weeks ago he fell off his sisters bed and broke his nose and as soon as we got home from the hospital he saw back up there again. We used to put cusions on the chairs but he is taller now.He will climb on anything that will get him higher than the floor. I have tried saying no (about 50 billion times) latley i have been putting him in the cot as much for his climbing as for my sanity and funilly enough it has never occured to him to climb out. I am at my wits end also, i cant even go to the tiolet anymore without him climbing, he has no sense, gets to the top of something like a tv cabinet and acts like a loon.....cant give any advice because i am in the same boat but know that your not alone.
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