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How to start toilet training Rss

My daughter is two and a half and I think she is ready to be trained, I have introduced her to the toilet, she isn't intersted in the potty, she has her own seat and has even been a couple of times. She gets given stickers as a reward and she loves it but It just doesn't seem to be working, some days she is interested and others she just wont have a bar of it. Just wondering if there is anything else I could be doing to help her along??
Hi Lyndality
I think I did most of the things you've mentioned (the stickers, starting my boy on the potty and then toilet), but I noticed a noticeable change when I got a potty book from the library. It was called "What to expect when learning to use the potty", and was written for kids by the same people who put out the What to Expect when you're Expecting series for parents. It was really good at explaining to kids what it feels like when they need to go, where it comes from, where it goes when the toilet is flushed etc. We borrowed it for about three weeks from our local library, but if your library doesn't have it or you don't have a library nearby, most bookstores would be happy to order it in for you. There are also other good potty books on the market that are good too. Anyway, good luck!

James' Mum

im currently TT my son (2.4 yrs) and what iv been doing is leaving his pants off, and as soon as i saw him do a wee i move him to either his potty or the toilet ( wat ever is closes at the time), i am constantly watching him and i ask him every 15-30 mins if he needs to do a wee.

Iv put a couple of wall stickers of Toy Story on the toilet wall so it makes it a bit more fun for him, iv also started blowing bubbles ( which he loves and he always does a wee when i blow them).

But jack also has been having his odd days where he doesnt want to do it. I have also been tracking when he does wee's/poo's and when he has a drink so i have a good idea of when he's going to go.

you could also try singing her a song when you take her, let her read a book, or just anything that will make it fun for her to go.

(NORMAL is a setting on a washing machine)


I have a little boy, Dylan, who is now 3. I started training him on the potty when he was 2.7 years. I took his favourite teddy bear, and put it on the potty, and discreetly squirted water into the potty from behind - "Sparkle went wees" - so to speak. "Sparkle" got a sticker chart in the toilet, along side Dylans'. Great success.
I'm now trying to train him to go poo's in the toilet. I don't want to have to get the potty out again, but thinking I might have to enlist in "Sparkle's" help, along with some raisins perhaps??? Good Luck.
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