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when to start and traning nappies? Lock Rss


just wondering when boys usually ready to be toilet trained?

my son is 19 months and doesnt want to learn when to tell us when he needs to pee or poo...i dont even know how to tell that he is ready to learn?

and what do the training pants/nappies do to help training?


Tania and Jaiden

Hi there!
I dont have a little boy, i have a girl, she just turned 2 and is toilet trained now... but i have alot of friends who have boys around the 2-3 yrs age mark... and most of them were around 2/ 2 and half before they were ready! but i honestly reckon each kid, regardless of girl or boy, are ready in there own time... i do know someone whose boy was toilet trained at 21 mths...

I knew DD was ready as she would tell me she had done or was doing poo or wee and also showed interest in wanting to use potty - have alot of friends with kids who are older and she was just amazed by it all haha lol. I didnt bother with training pants or pullups, i just put her in to knickers, yes we had accidents, but she hated the feeling of having wet knickers and it didnt take long for her to catch on.. everyone is different and every kid is different! maybe checking the net for some tips or something! Huggies have a section on Toilet Training and when to tell there ready etc.. give that a try smile Good luck!
thanks for that. i know each child is ready in their own time i was curious to see when other kids started. your daughter is a little cutie smile

Tania and Jaiden

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