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3 1/2 year old refusing to toilet train Lock Rss

If anyone can help me I would be so appreciative !!

My daughter is 3 and 4 months and WILL NOT toilet train. She absolutely refuses to sit on the toilet,or potty and I have tried everything..sticker charts, smarties as a reward, just knickers and no nappies, books, dvd' name it and NOTHING. She is a twin, and her brother is completely trained..totally out of nappies since November (even overnight). All her friends are toileted..and I have tried to use her brother and friends as encouragement..nothing.

I have just made an appt to see my MCH Nurse to see if there is anything that can be done for toilet training reluctance...but a friend of mine is a social worker, who asked an Occ Therapist friend of hers who told me to WAIT more, and that she'll get it eventually. One of my many questions is HOW LONG DO I WAIT ?? She is no further along than she was when we started all this 10 months ago.
As you can tell - I am vvvvvvvv frustrated and getting upset with myself that I've done something terrible to her to frighten her off toileting.. sad
If anyone has any suggestions, I would be sooo grateful.


Hi, Unfortunately, I don't have any advice, just sympathy! We are having exactly the same problem. We've checked there is no infections, but everyone either says she is not ready, or you have to persevere. However, after getting to the point of wearing undies but having poo/wee everywhere with no concern to child at all, we gave up again - the mess and tantrums were to much for us all. We have no initiation on her part at all. She can tell me where she should do wee's and poo's but won't do it herself. Stickers haven't worked for us either, nor has books, dvds and she has been watching us since birth! She knows what to do, but won't do it herself. Being wet is not a problem for her. In less than 12 months we start preschool and I can't see her changing her patterns at all. I would dearly love to hear from other people, as we are at a loss. It's easy for people to say don't worry, but I can't stop worrying! What do people do????
Hi Kienna,

Well - broached the subject again this morning,and still nothing. I found some Tinkerbell undies online and made a big deal about how beeauuuttttifull they were and said I would buy them for her if she did wee's, but that it was up to her.
She sat on the toilet for about 30 seconds, and then refused to sit for any longer. And when I asked later if she wanted to go she said she "doesn't want to" go. So - that's that...AGAIN.
I have an appt with the MCH Nurse tomorrow to discuss it - I'll post anything that may be enlightening.
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