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4 year old wets Lock Rss

My Girls bright has never had a problem with the tolet, tolet trained early stoped weting bed at 2 and a harf. Resontly started kindy and wont use the tolet there and wets, she has also resontly forgot to ask me to talk her at my mums and wet. What to do she's smart and I asked her but she just wont go to the tolet at kindy I event whent to spend the day and showed her it wasn't scery but she is so stubern she woulden't go.

ellison30, Jessica 8 and patrick 4

no advice but it must be frustrating for you maybe you could say if you are going to wet yourself like a baby we'll have to put nappies on you. get some nappies or pull ups and put them on her . being bright she wont be happy but it might just be waht she needs

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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