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My DS is approaching 16 months and I was hoping to start toilet training soon! Problem is I have absolutely no idea where to start, I have the potty but that is it. Has anyone got any ideas or read any books that helped with this.
Hi there, my little one is 16 mths too and is showing a few signs that she may be ready to tt. I have got a potty out & at every nappy change she sits on it briefly...she has never done anything but its a start. I have found she prefers sitting on the toilet with baby seat rather than the potty though its sooo time consuming & paper consuming that i find im not consistent enough which i think is the key!

I found my daughter knows & tells when she is doing a poo but has no idea with wee so i am lettng her go nappy free for a bit ea day to feel the sensation of wee can be a bit messy but i think she is getting it slowly Im not in a rush to tt but i do believe she is ready so im hoping by encouraging her now we may be nappy free by 2!!! Good luck!!
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