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How do you toilet train ?? Lock Rss


My DS is just over 2. He has shown an interest in going to the toilet. He loves pulling his pants down and taking me to the toilet with him. He has done 4 poos on the toilet and 1 wee, which seems a little bit backwards from what I have heard. The problem is, I'm going to start TT in a couple of weeks and don't know where to start, so to speak. I'm going to buy him some special undies (either 'Bob' or 'Thomas') and spend the weekend seeing how we go.....What next, what do I do, say etc ?? Any help would be much appreciated !!


I just posted this in the "is he not ready or just lazy thread" I'll repost it in here too for you.
With wees - I set the oven timer for the first 2 days for every 25 mins. Every time it went off I would go get him - not even asking him - but just saying "it's toilet time!" in my cheeriest voice. Sometimes he'd come and be happy, other times, he'd be upset. By the end of the first day - any type of beeping noise (the phone, fridge door beep etc) he would come running yelling "toilet time mummy!"

I think the biggest tip I can give is - try it and be persistent for a whole week. If they still arent "getting" it by the end of that week - then stop. Try again the next month.

Also - these days the nappies that they wear tend to make it hard as they dont know what it feels like to be wet or yukky. So another tip is to put jocks/undies on first, then a nappy over the top (to catch any mess). Sounds yuk, and you will have a lot of extra little pants to wash - but it will help to teach him that it's not nice to be wet.

You can use rewards too - stickers, charts, toys, food?, balloons, whistles etc whatever works for you. Just make it fun - dont get angry or upset.

First thing in the morning when he wakes up - take him straight to the toilet.

Set the timer (or an alarm, more to remind you) for every 20 mins for the first few days - then stretch the times out.

Use a nappy for nap times and of course for night time.

Take him to the toilet 20 mins after food and drink. Take him just before nap time and straight after nap time.

Be consistent with praise and rewards.

Good luck! smile
Tara U have had more luck then me. DS hides when he poos and yells at anyone who goes near him! My sons 3 next month and I've lost count on how many times I've tried and given up with him.
I am Going to do what Boy O Boy advises! Best bit of advice I've heard! Bribery just doesnt work with my boy, and praise has very little effect on him. But perhaps the routine with the oven timer.... plus the rewards and praise....fingers crossed this time will be a sucessful one!
Good lesson I've learnt is dont let it stress u out, because it makes them not want to do it...and makes it horrible for both of u. I think that has been my biggest mistake!!!
Thanks again Boy O Boy!
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