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Holds on until nappy or pants are on Lock Rss

Hi there,

DD is 18 months and is always taking her nappy off after a wee and will tell us when she does a poo.

Problem is she will sit on the potty for ages and nothing..... so I put knickers or trainer pants on and with in 5 mins shes weed, only a little bit because shes worked out whats shes done so I put her back on the potty and she holds on until knickers or pants are back on again.

This has been going on for 3 weeks now and we haven't had anything in the potty . I think once she does something in there it will help out heaps. i don't know if i should stop and wait a bit longer?

Any suggestions???



We're in the process of attempting toilet training with our daughter, who's just over 2. She's showing all the signs but it's like she's scared of going in the toilet or potty.

I'm only replying because last night, when DD was in knickers I noticed that she'd done a little wee, but as you said, it's like she caught herself.
I asked her if she wanted to watch one of her dvds but she had to sit on the potty while she watched. Took about 5 minutes I think, or 10, of me sitting next to her and her being distracted, before she let a little bit out.
She started whinging in her scared sort of way, same way that she does when she has an accident, but I made a big deal out of it and we actually got a wee in the potty rather than on the floor!

So idk if that helps. Your situation sounds similar to mine, that's all. Maybe if you don't want to use the tv, you could try reading to her or something?
Oh, and offer her a reward. A small lolly or something. Show her and say that she can have it after she does her wees in the potty. This might help get her over if you know she's ready to go but is holding it.
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