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Not Toilet Trained at 2 years 4 months Lock Rss

Is this really that big an issue? It's freezing here and DD is interested but i'm not pushing the issue I just let her go when she wants to. She was using the potty 4 times a day at 22 months but regressed around her birthday and is only just getting back into the swing of it. My family and family friends are making me feel like a failure saying that she's slow and i'm not trying hard enough etc but it just isn't that big an issue to me. Being pregnant doesn't help as emotions are on high but I almost burst into tears several times lately when they've said things like I should take her to a child psychologist for an examination as something must be wrong.
we didn't really START TT till that age!!
this was on the first thing that google came up with.

Age – your child needs to be between 18 months and three years before they are mature enough to recognise the urge to use the toilet.
Meh! Tell them to bugger off!!! DS started at 2.10 months and they kid down the road is 3.5 years and still not TT at all. Send them to a Shrink for not minding their own business!!!!LOL


Tash tell them to go get stuffed
Tia is 3 and 2 months and she is only just starting to be fully TT during the day
your DD is doing great gasp)

She's your daughter! Do it when you and her are ready! Just tell everyone else to but out, it really isn't anything to do with them.

No it isnt a big deal my DD is 16days older than your DD and no where near TT. Gosh they are still little and there is no point pushing it as it can cause them to regress further. Wait till things warm up and most likely she will train herself within a few weeks. And seriously if I didnt have to I wouldnt go sit on a cold loo either. Dont let them make you feel bad my DS2 didnt train until he was 3yrs 3mths But then he trained himself within a week to the point of no accidents and then within a fortnight was out of night nappies. So only three wks between full time nappies and completely out of them all together.

Cheers Ness

Thanks guys, just makes me so upset, she's still only little! Just wanted to make sure it wasn't me who's got something wrong in the head.
Connor's not and we aren't starting him until it starts to warm're not the only one.

Connor knows when he needs to do a poop these days and all and hates a dirty nappy but if we put him on the toilet nothing, with wee he doesn't really do cousin was fully TT by 2.5 yrs but i'm not rushing connor. alot of people say oh but you'll have 3 in nappies but honestly it doesn't worry me too much, he will do it when he's ready and summer is better to start in i've heard

Tash, Eliza isnt TT, i wouldn't worry they will do it in there own time.

i had an aunt tell me that i should have had her TT during last summer, she wasn't even 2 then and i was almost due with DD2 and TT was the last thing on my mind.

Toilet training is not a sign of intelligence, don't stress! DS2 was nearly 3 when he was done, and he was soooo much easier than DS1 because I waited until HE was ready. He has never had an accident, and never wet the bed, as I never pushed him and he did it in his own time. So leave it if you're in no mood for it and your DD isn't interested.
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