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boy will stand to pee but wont sit on loo for no 2's Lock Rss

my 3 1/2 yo boy is toilet trained to stand up and wee but he just wont do poos in the toilet he will keep asking for his nappy when he wants one,I often put him on the toilet kicking and screaming when i know he wants one.
I have even tried those things that u put up their bums to make them go yet , he still wont go he rather go on the floor if i have given him one.
My huuby noticed the other day that their was unual boo in the back yard behind the tree, Dad says that definitly aint doggy poo, and i didnt belive it was my son.
A couple of days ago i caught him in the act of doing ppo is the garden, he was standing.

How do i get him to sit , he has to learn one day.
Is their a way i can enourage him?? rewards, charts and all those things dont work.
As he has no real understanding of them or should i say gets any satifaction from them.
Is it that he is scared of the toilet, have you tried sitting him on a potty instead?

I don't really know...we're coming to this stage soon.....hope things improve for you soon.

daddy wont let us use a potty

my son used to sit on the toilet before he knew it was better to stand and that he could play target practice .
One thing I remember my son being terrified of was the 'splashback'. When this happened the first time he then refused to go. With a bit of patience and perserverence, we put some paper in the bowl first to avoid the splash! He eventually went back to the toilet. Just a thought.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

my son was the same asking for a nappy this went on for months we tried a potty then the little seat on the toilet seat worked

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I'm glad to here i'm not the only mother going through this as my 3yr old is doing the same thing (not pooing behide trees) but he will hold on to his bottom and run in circles until i put a nappy on him.

I was just wondering have you got him trained yet and how did you get him to do it or did he just do it himself one day

hope to hear from u soon
I have to say that when I read your post I thought it was being written about my 3 1/2 yr old son. He has been trained since he was 2. First of all he started on the potty then progressed to a toilet seat on the toilet, then to standing up. He completely FREAKS out at the prospect of having to do poos on the toilet. I tried the toilet paper in the bowl to avoid 'splashback', reward charts etc. I would be really interested in reading the replies as I hope it may help me also.
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

Karan, Queenstown, NZ, 2 Boys

My second child (daughter) was the same. She was completely toilet trained night and day except she wouldn't do no.2 on the toilet and insisted on having a nappy for it. I had asked friends and doctors, tried rewards and charts etc. Then my aunt suggested that I buy her a favourite toy/thing and put it where she can see it all the time. (We put it on top of the bathroom shelf) so every time she went to the toilet (to wee) she could see it. We explained to her that when she did poo's on the toilet she could have it. It took all of about 2 weeks before she came running out to get me to show me her poo in the toilet. She was so excited she rang Daddy at work to tell him, and never asked for a nappy again. I think once she had done one and realised it really wasn't so scary she was ok. Mind you we still have a little issue of her not liking public/strange toilets!!!!

SMMB with 3

I would beware of him getting constipated.When daughter was 2 she was fully toilet trained, then at 2 1\2 she reverted back to soiling, holding on instead of going on the toilet. Everyone said it was normal - she'd grow out of it. Come the age of 4, I started worrying about what would happen when she went to school. We pushed the GP to see a specialist. Two years, 4 admitances to hospital for severe constipation later we then pushed for her to see child psychologist.This turned the corner.It helped us as much as her. We understood her condition at last. Faecal soiling, (or encopresis) is quite common, variety of reasons. We have found diet, fluid intake, abdominal massage, and regular doses of liquid parafin have got the situation under control. She is now approaching ten and only seems to have problems when emotionally upset or under stress e.g. cross country coming up. Same thing seemed to be happening to son when he was about the same age - we nipped that in the bud by dosing him with liquid parafin, didn't wait for him to get constipated. NB regular physical exercise also helps.
As a first time mum in my 40's I was wondering if I was being a bad mother as I am having this struggle with my 3 1/2y son. I am sorry you are having this problem, but it relieves me to know that it seems to be a reasonably common occurance. We have tried the charts and rewards too, only to be told 'no'. Our family Doc. says when he is ready he will. Sometimes, and only some, he will go on the loo and gets heaps of praise etc and he is very proud of himself, but then he just seems to forget all about the good bits and goes back to doing it in his nappy/or pullups. Wearing real undies doesn't work as he still does it in them and continues doing what ever his is doing (yuck). I think perseverance and paitence is the only way. I must say that telling him he could have a lolly worked for a while, then he didn't even care about that! :~

Aaron's Mummy

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