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Toilet training a boy question Lock Rss

Hey all,

Just wondering when or how would you teach a boy to stand for a wee and sit for a poo? so far i'm just sitting my boy on the toilet for both. we've only just started him again after a few months break as he just wasn't ready. I think he is now, but I don't want to make it harder/confusing by telling him stand for wee's and sit for poos.


3 gorgeous children to love forever

I haven't been thru TT with a boy (yet) but I would start with sitting for it all and moving onto standing when he's a bit older and very comfortable with using the loo..
Maybe his dad or grandpa etc could help him a bit more with that?
Or you can start off the whole standing concept while using a tree out the back?? LOL
(Lemon trees thrive on wee apparently)
hi jebraylo

hi me 3 1/2 yr old is fully tt and i found he the he stood up when he was ready i neva even taught him to i'd say ur son will stand to pee when he's ready

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I had both of my boys sitting for wees and poos, when my eldest son turned 5 he decided he was a big boy and wanted to stand and wee like daddy, my second son whos almost 4 still sits to wee and will occaisionally stand to wee but mostly he wants to wee
They will stand in their own time when they are ready im about to start toilet training my 19mth old daughter hopefully i can have it done over summer before bub #4 comes cos i dont want 2 in nappies again that was really expensive!
So dont stress he will do it when hes ready grin

I don't think it's confusing I think it's reality. My little one has always done wees standing up and poos sitting down. He is two. Does he see his Dad standing up to wee? I would just stand my little boy by the potty first thing in the morning and ask if he wanted a wee. No pressure just an offer and it went from there. You can buy a great product called a wee man hangs off the big toilet. Doesn't the wee go everywhere if boys sit down to do wees?
If you are successfully TT your son with him sitting on the loo then keep going as you are going. you dont want to put him off by pressuring him to stand.
Thats what I have found anyway. DS started off by only doing a wee standing up when he was outside but wouldnt sit or stand at the loo inside. He now sits on the loo to do his wee. I think he finds it a little daunting trying to wee into the loo - he is a little short even with a step right up to the loo! When he is ready he will start standing at the loo.
Let it happen when it happens and dont feel pressured that he has to stand because he is a boy.
Thanks for all your replies. My DS is doing well with the wee part (sitting down) but I just can't get him to poo in the potty. He's had 2 accidents with poo's and none with wee's. Both times that i've seen his poos (one on the floor and one in his undies) I picked them up and flushed them down the toilet with him watching. He is still too frightened to poo on the potty. anyone got any tips?

3 gorgeous children to love forever

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