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I Think were ready for TT Lock Rss

Hi there, I have a 15mth old girl who I think is ready for toilet training! Just the other morning befor we jumped in the shower my little girl was crouched down and going to the toilet- Is this a good time to introduce a potty, I would appreciate some advice as this is my first child and My family lives about 7 hrs away- and how do you go about traing them? Is it tricky??

Cassie, NSW, 15mth baby girl

I say go for it, the sooner the better i think.I f you think she is ready than its worth a try!!!

axel 20-05-2005

We started TT around this age with the girls and it took about 8 weeks of constant training before they had continuous days with no accidents.
We would set the timer on the microwave and every 40 mins they were sat on the toilet. Weather they were playing in the yard or watching TV when that timer went off, it meant toilet time.
They are 6 months apart (long story) but the youngest did so well she has just turned 2 and has been dry at night for the past 3 months also. Neither of them liked the potty so they both went straight to the big toilet with the trainer seat. Last week, one night after they went to bed I threw it in the bin and they haven't even asked for it.
D - 5
E - 2.5
T - 2


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