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Need help. Lock Rss

We started TT at Xmas with my son and don't seem to have progressed very far. He is now 2yrs 8mths and I have a baby due in 6 six wks. He will go wees on the potty quite happily if you can get him distracted from what he is doing but will not take the initiative to go by himself. If he is busy playing he will just go in his pants and then tell me that he has been. (same with poos but we'll tackle that one when wees is sorted). I have tried a sticker chart where he gets a small chocolate if he goes 4 times a day. I have also tried bribery to get him to go but it only seems to last a very short time before he says no he doesn't want to go and 2mins later he goes on my carpet. He appears to be just lazy. I don't know what else to try I try not to get frustrated with him when he has an accident but in my late stages of pregnancy I am beginning to think I should just put him back in nappies cause I'm sick of cleaning up the carpet. Please help. I don't know what else to try.

Helen, NZ, Nathan 4yrs, Zoe 20mnths

Hi Helen,

It may be because you're pg that's putting him off a bit. I know my dd was well aware i was pg & a big change was coming (maybe not on a conscious level tho, she was too young).

Since this has been going on for a while now, personally I would try putting him back in nappies if you can get them on. My dd had a few days when TT when she wouldn't get on the toilet at all and it wasn't until I tried unsuccessfully to get a nappy on her that she started going again. Maybe try explaining to him he has a choice btn wearing a nappy or using the potty & asking what he wants first. That seemed to work for us. We also made a big deal about her being a big girl now which was a huge incentive & made her super happy.

I'm sure its not laziness, its just not as big a deal to them as it is to us. I know how frustrating all this can be, not sure how much help I've been but hang in there honey smile

Goodluck with it all & the new bubs! Let us know how he goes

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