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Weeing but not pooing - what do you do? Lock Rss

Just wondered, as so many people seem to be in the same boat.
My DS also will do wees in the loo but does not want to do poos in the loo.

Was wondering, what do you do? Do you:
* put a nappy on them to do their poo then switch back to their undies?

* let them do it in their undies?

Not sure what is best to do when trying to tt? I'm happy in knowing that pooing in the loo will come with time, but not sure what to do until then!!!

TIA xx
When we're at home, I let DS run around with no pants on. At first when he wanted to do a poo he would ask for a nappy. Then he just either did it in his undies, on the floor if no pants on or would hold on until his sleep when I'd put a nappy on him. I felt sorry for him tho because when I'd open his door after his sleep, the smell from the poo in his nappy would just hit me like a punch in the face! It couldn't have been pleasant for sleeping.

I guess it's up to you and how much time you have to clean undies. I think if you let him do it in his undies it's going to be unpleasant and may speed up the process?

Some people use disposable training pants but I think they are too much like nappies.
I had the same problem with my son and i've discovered the best way to make him poo in the loo or potty so I hope this tip works for you guys.

let them poo in the nappy. Once they've done the poo, take the nappy and your child to the toilet and empty the poo in the toilet, and if you don't already do this, let them flush the toilet coz to them, it's a novelty and they love it. make sure you tell them that poo's go in the loo though so they start to understand.

It only took me 2 goes to use this trick and it worked. My son has now not looked back. He automatically goes to the loo or his potty to poo. Make sure you praise them so much when they've done it coz they feel so proud. All we've done is do a happy dance, give him a high five and tell him he's a good boy and he's happy with that. Now when he uses the loo he tells me he's a good boy !

Hope this helps.

Haylee smile

3 gorgeous children to love forever

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