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Should i Start Toilet Training or should i wait? Lock Rss

Well i brought a potty for my daughter about a mth ago just to get her used to sitting on it (she is 19 mths old) any way when i went to the health nurse when she was 18 mths the health nurse told me not to worry about toilet training her untill she is 2 yrs old, well the next day she went and got her potty and waited for me to take her nappy off and she sat on it and done wee's, she has done little bits here and there since, so should i keep going with it or should i just wait untill she is 2 like the health nurse told me, as sometimes she will go and get the potty and sit on it but not do anything, just wondering what i should do

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

I think that once the process is started - especially if she has initiated it - then go for it. Having said that, it is best to not push her if she does regress a bit. You have plenty of time. Just encourage and praise her and make it a part of your routine. My favourite time to start is at bathtime (especially if you use a potty or your toilet is in the bathroom). While the water runs, pop her on and see. While the health nurse is fine to recommend starting at two, if she is keen and going already, then I'd go with it now. All the best.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Gosh you're in a tricky situation. If my mum were here she'd say "well you were fully trained just after 12 months...." but thank goodness you can't hear her. Ilove her but boy she can go on about "back in her day". Why not just go on as you are and if she gets upset or goes backwards just go with the flow. You could always use Training pants or Pull-Ups as the next step and see how you go they have those cute pictures on them. They are such funny creatures she might just surprise you and go realy well.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

tired and feeling old

Thanks for the advice, Taneesha hasnt really shown much intret in it latley the other day she got her potty pointed to it and said wee's wee's so i sat her on it she didnt so any thing but it was kinda a indication i supose i told my mum what she done and mum said she knows wee's are ment to go in there but may not comprehend (Sorry bout the spelling) that she is ment to do wee's in it, and thats how the wee's get's in there

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

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