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my son 24mth's
wont let me change his nappy when he dose a poo he likes a messy nappy for some reason. I have tried toilet training but he just poo's in his undies and its So messy to clean up so i just have cept him in nappies for the time being. can any one give me some tips.


24mth boy

Hya! Although I havent been there myself yet as my little man hasnt turned 1 quite yet! But I often think to myself What I plan to do to introduce toilet training! and stuff! Like he is only 24months! But How about turning going into the toilet a fun game?
Cause I have changed older babies bums and YES they are MESSY! Or if he just doesnt like the potty how bout letting him run around outside without a nappy, put the potty out there (on a warm day off course) and see if he feels better doing it out there! That way he learns what his body is doing and it sounds OFF but some kids like to watch it come out! It's fasinating to THEM!! lol
And make it a real positive experience for him as well! Even reward him with lots of hugs and kisses and telling him HOW grown up he is!
Sorry! Like I said I havent been there before. But I hope this will help!
Another Idea I just got Is move the potty into a part of the house where he might normally poop (like in his nappy...Just the area..Hopefully tiles!) and so he can watch u while he goes and lowly move the potty into the bathroom where he should go! And praise him the whole time! If he doesnt do anything though Not saying that u would but avoid the some parents Ive seen go off their rocker! so they clearly arent going to toilet train the poor buggar are they!
Anyways Goodluck with it all!

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