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4 yrs old and wont do poo's on toilet Lock Rss

my daughter has been toilet trained for 2 years when i comes to wee's, however we can't get her to do poo's on the toilet. she has never been put in a nappy ever since we started toilet training, she has never had a number one accident not even at night. she understands what we want her to do but she wont do number twos and so i'm left cleaning up dirty underpants. once about 6mths ago we told her she can't go to school until she learnt how to go to the toilet and i seemed to work for about a month but then she went back to dirting he underpants. i am at my wittsend. i cant keep doing it and i blame myself as she is nearly five i've had to post pone her going to preschool because of this. i after new creative ideas as we have tried bribing, rewards, punishments, explaining to her and i've even had her sit with me and watch me go. HELP........
Hi there,
My younger brother was the same - until he was 12! (he's now 27) Yep, he went into highschool still doing it. My mum also tried everything, including taking him to docs and psychologists etc and they always said it was physchological and to try reward systems etc which didn't work. As you can imagine, mum was well and truly at her witsend by 12, so she dragged him off to another doc and insisted on getting an xray done. The xray showed that his entire bowls were chocka-block with poo, and that the problem was actually constipation. Doc prescribed metamucil and senakot, which sorted it out in about 2 weeks - no problems ever since! Basically, it was caused by emotional stress (we had a nasty kid next door that was particularly mean to him at the time my bro was being toilet trained- and also our father was not nice either, arguing parents etc). The constipation would build up and then when the bowels couldn't hold any more they would just release without my brother being able to control it - so at birthday parties, school etc.
Anyway, of course I am no doctor but maybe you could take her to the doc and ask for an investigation. The more you pressure her I think will make it worse, so please check to see if it's something medical that can be solved so easily like my brother. My brother really suffered being that stinky kid at school.
Good luck and I hope you find an answer soon. Let us know how you go!

Sherri, mum to Ella Bella Baby Bear ~ 21.01.05

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