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2y 3months boy doesnt want to toilet! Lock Rss

Hi i have a 2yr 3months boy who loves to sit on the toilet and try his hardest to go but never goe's so when i put the nappy back on him he go toilet then.
seems easy anoth but i've been doing it for 4 months! its like never ending, so and ideas?im trying to get him trained be for the new born arrives in july.

mum of 5y,2y and 1 on way

I would just persevere. Maybe even take the nappies off him during the day so he knows how it feels to be wet. Boys do seem to take longer to catch on. My son was nearly 3 when we had our little girl and within 8 weeks of her arrival he was fully toilet trained, because he was a big boy then and didn't need to wear baby nappies. I had a CS with her and still didn't find it to hard to help him on and off the toilet because we used a little stool. It may just pay to wait until after Winter.
When I started I took the nappies off when the child when they first woke and sat them on the toilet straight away. From then on the timer was set on the microwave for 40 mins and everytime that buzzer went off they were put on the toilet unlees it was nap time.


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