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How many puddles 'til success? Lock Rss

I have just decided today to try to get serious about TT DD. She is constantly taking her nappy off and its driving me bonkers.

So today while we were home it was nappy off. We only put a nappy on at nap time and once when she looked a bit hesitant to poo so I put one on hoping this might encourage her to poo (just to get that out of the way).

So she was quite happy to sit on the potty, just not so keen to wee on it. She understands the whole concept, she would go to sit on it after she had finished weeing but not before hand.

How many days of puddles am I in for before she makes it to the potty in time????

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every child is different but id say after full on no nappy for a week she'll be fine and theres always the occasinal accident after that...dont push her too hard she still may not be ready. lots of praise is what worked for my son, but i think i got it easyer.

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jasmines been on and off the loo for 6 days now and she does maybe 2-3 in the potty the rest on the floor so theres no real time its so hard to keep your cool tho lol!~

We let our DS2 run around nappy free for about three days before we started to see he 'got it' two weeks later we are accident free (I think he took less than the normal time though) We were a bit hit and miss with poos though, nothing some match-box cars couldn't fix. I let him pick some out at the shop and put them in the cupboard, he got home and went straight to the potty, lol. He knew what he needed to do to get one.

Good luck

Mum of three amazing people

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