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Using public toilets! Lock Rss

This is probably a silly topic, but it freaks me out to think that my son who has just started TT will sit on a public toilet!!!

For those who's kids have used public toilets - what do you do? Do you clean the seat? Not worry about it? Hold them over it?

I am probably freaking out over nothing, but the thought of other people's lack of hygiene, really concerns me!

Any relevant comments would be appreciated.

I would put it this way the keyboard you used to type this would have more germs than those toilet seats lol. But I do know people who are so concerned that they take anti bacterial wipes with them
if he has to sit you could use antibacterial wipes - just keep them in your handbag. I just read an article in good health magazine about germs on toilet seats and they said they can't live long and you have more chance catching something by touching the toilet door handle. i guess we just always imagine germs on seats. I've finally taught my ds to stand at home with a step so in public we stand behind him and he stands on our feet which makes him high enough. for no. 2's we use antibac wipes.

Hi i hate having to take mine into public toilets, so i always carry a pack of wipes with me, i wipe the seat first then dry it with a bit of toilet roll if its the ones that are enclosed, we dont use the sinks to wash our hands i wipe there hands with the wipes too, hey they clean their bums!! when i've got one i give them some of the anti bac gel too to rub in their hands.


I wouldn't stress about it. But then I would never take my DS to a "public" toilet, ie those toilet blocks in the middle of the street! I would go to the local Myer store, or the parenting rooms which have mini toilets next to the big ones which are perfect for little ones.

I would never use certain toilets so would never take my DS to them!

Also, plenty of public places have decent toilets. Ie, bowling alleys, restaurants, myer, shopping centres.
Thanks PaulineN, x3cuties & MrsBishi! grin

I agree MrsB - I would avoid taking DS to the 'true public' toilet, just like I avoid it too! LOL

Cheers ladies.
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