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Nearly there.. But how do I.... Lock Rss

We have been having a great few days with TT DD1 (27 Months). Its like it just clicked, we sat her on the toilet one night and she has been really good weeing ever since. We are only putting nappies on at sleep time and have only have a few accidents.

We are taking her every half hour or so, but if WE get distracted then she might have an accident. When she wee's on the toilet its only a little wee but enough to get her by, when she has an accident its like some one opened the flood gates.

Anyway, HOW DO WE GET HER TO TELL US SHE NEEDS TO GO? We have explained to her heaps that she needs to tell mummy or daddy when she needs to go but she never does.... Any one have any tips?


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she will learn as she goes just keep reminding her do you need to go wee wee but it sounds like she doing a great job just keep making a fuss when she goess wee wee in the tiolet and not making a fuss when she forgets.
wow she is doing really well. She will tell you in her own time, but try to make a big deal out of everytime you take her to the toilet, but keep it simple, say come on lets go do a wee and it wont be long that she associates the two together and says "wee" whenever she needs to do one.
Thanks, I am so proud of how well she is doing in just a few days.

Since posting this afternoon I have been trying to encourage her - while walking to the loo - to say "need to do wees, need to do wees" in the hope that this will help it click.

Thanks for the great encouragement, I hope tomorrow is as auccessful as today. When she woke from her afternoon sleep her nappy was completely dry which is excellent for her. Not that I would dare pushing the no nappy at sleep time for a long time yet, but its a good sign that we are heading in the right direction.


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