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toliet training getting aboying at night!! Lock Rss

ok so my ds1 is 23 months and just over a week ago got real interested in going toliet and was telling me almost always when he needed to go, so i put him in undies and with alil encouragement was doing real well, with only one acident a day if that for just under a week!! he then just seemd to loose interest and was having acidents here there and every were, and getting upset when i would just put him on the loo. so i let him go back to nappies not wanting to rush him and he still tells me now and then that he wants to go which is fine, havnt gone completly backwards!!!
but at bed time, he keeps getting out of bed to go toliet, i would just make him stay in bed but he is actually going, an average of 2 poohs and 6 wees for the last 3 nights. which is good for the toliet training, but is making him acutally go to bed and stay there about an hour later than normal.
he doesnt drink alot after 5.30 when he has his dinner. so not sure how he actually has that much in him.
but any help and sugestions would be much appreciated.
Isn't it amazing what they can produce when they don't want to go to bed. If it were me I would make going to the toilet part of the bed time routine and let him know this is the only time he goes before he goes to sleep.
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