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Are we wasting our time? Lock Rss

Hi, I'm trying to toilet train DS and have no idea what I'm doing LOL, so I'm looking for advice. He is 28 months, we have been checking if he was ready on and off since 18 months. Our last serious attempt was at 2, but after my Mum looked after him for 4 days, even she said he wasn't ready then (which was a big surprise - she's been nagging us for months with the old "but you were tt'd before 18 months"). We gave him a break till a couple of days ago, now I'm home and he's in daycare less I decided to give it another go. I put him in jocks for a few days and thought we had a break through - 2 wees in the toilet! Today I'm doubting he's ready again.

He doesn't actually tell us he wants to go, so we are just taking him frequently. He will tell us when he has gone. This morning he had just been on the toilet when he came and said "Wee Mummy" (I was changing DD) so I took him ASAP - no wee. 10 minutes later he's holding his doodle (which he does pretty often in jocks) and dancing around (this time I was Bf'ing DD) I asked him if he wanted to go and he said "NO". I decided to take him anyway but before I could get DD detached he'd wet his pants.

Fast forward to evening - he's dancing around holding his doodle again, I'm Bf'ing DD again and DH is cooking, we both ask him if he wants to go and he says "NO", before either of us can take him, he grabs a book, climbs up on my lap and wets his pants (and me) sad

My questions:
- Do you think he just doesn't know when he is about to go and therefore really isn't ready?
- Could he some of his behaviour be jealously related? Most of these things happened while I was busy with DD - she's only a month old.
- Do we just soldier on like we are - i.e. jocks except for nights, sleeps and outings and taking him frequently? Or do we give him another break?

Would love some advice smile Thanks (and sorry for long post)

I would let him wear no jocks so he can see what happens when he does wee eg. wee coming out of his penis. DS initially didnt know when to go but he got the gist pretty quickly when he could see what happened when he had the 'need to go feeling'. DS was trained at 25 months and i also had a 1 month DD. I would persist a bit longer. DS had many accidents but that just part of tt. I didnt mind as he learnt very quickly what tt was all about.
Hey there! I have no advice to offer but was hoping to find some myself. Maisie is 26 months old. She's had ongoing bowel issues so our specialist suggested we start toilet timing her about 4 months ago. We're both teachers so started last school holidays but then I ended up in hospital with pneumonia and so we were unable to follow it through. We wanted to give it a go again these school holidays but I'm just not sure if she's ready or not. Maisie is quite insistent that she is a big girl and she often asks to wear knickers. However, she doesn't care at all if she wets herself and doesn't even let me know when she is wet. We got home from a short holiday yesterday and she asked to wear knickers straight away. Today I've been able to toilet time her and so far we've only had one accident but again, she didn't tell me that she was wet. My question is, what do I do when my child is adamant she is a big girl and wants to wear knickers but she doesn't let me know when she needs the toilet and is not fazed at all when she's wet?!!! Am I fighting a losing battle? Should I put her back in nappies and try again in another few months?
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