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How to get her to tell me she needs to go? Lock Rss

So DD (2 & half) has been TT for a few months now... Maybe 3 or 4 and she very rarely has any accidents. Happy to go anywhere any time, no issues with number 2's, so really she is doing great.

The only problem is that she NEVER EVER tells me she needs to go. I always prompt her. She will always go when I ask her which is great but I want her to be able to recognise when she needs to go. I'm worried that my constant reminding/asking her to go is stopping her from learning the signs that she needs to go.

The times when she does have an accident is usually when I have got side tracked and forgotten to ask, or she has had more than usual to drink etc and she has an accident before I ask her!

Does anyone think it would be wise to maybe prepare my self for a very "soggy" day and maybe not remind her at all and just see what happens, in the hope that the accidents might encourage her into noticing for herself... Or could that possibly set us back???

Any advice on what you did or can suggest would be great.

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I can only go by my experience with my now four year old and that is it took quite a bit of time to get to her actually telling me she needed to go. Even now I will tell her to go before we go out somewhere, will take her to the loo when we get where we are going - ie make sure I take her regularly. They've got much more exciting things on their mind than going to the loo... like playing and having fun.

I think its just one of those things you need to stay on top of. Even now if I ask my DD if she needs to go she will say no but if I take her she will do a wee. At preschool she manages on her own fine and at home she'll often go by herself but there are still times she might have a little accident because she's too busy playing.
Every time my bubba would go potty / toilet when i was training I would clap and congratulate her.

Every time i had to ask and make a trip to the toilet like you describe I would repeat over and over, "I go wee wee" "Mummy go wee wee", and the same around home when i needed to go...

Now, when she needs to goo wee's or poos at home or at the shopping centre, you hear "I go wee wee" or "I go poo poo".

The only time we have an accident is when I'm not listening or think i can stretch my time just a little bit extra before we go, and missing the opportunity.

Maybe try little sentences like that - that she'll start to mimick off you and start saying it with you and recognise what it means (if she's little like mine was at the time) and she'll start telling you on her own?
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