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Am I flogging a dead horse? Lock Rss

Hi everyone, I have posted before about the challenges I am facing re TT my son who is now 3yrs 2mths. My current situation is if I ask him to go to the toilet he usually does and we stay dry and free of accidents (wee's anyway) I only take him 4 or 5 times all day so I am quite sure his has bladder control down pat. However if I don't prompt he doesn't go and we just have accidents. We started TT properly when he did a few poohs in a row on the potty/toilet again during a suggested trip by mummy but since we have moved from nappies to undies he hasn't done a single pooh on the potty/toilet and he has become more irregular and just goes in his jocks. Am I flogging a dead horse? Is he just not ready? I tend to feel at his age we should be doing this and I think he is capable but just to stubborn and resistant to change. We have been in undies and TT focused for 2 months now and I am worried that we just aren't getting anywhere. Has anyone else faced this or have any suggestions on how to make some progress? Thanks everyone.
my son was the same he would poo in his jocks. one day he just sat on the toilet & did a poo. i just asaked him to try to do a poo and one day it just clicked. we had a sticker chart in the toilet & he would get to choose a sticker for every wee & 2 stickers for a poo and also he got a lolly for pooing in the toilet when he reached 10 stickers i bought him a new toy he was playing with it the other day & said mummy gave me this nemo toy for doing wee & poo in the toilet then he said me big boy now! just hang in there it will click soon it took Ryan 5 from the 1st wee in the potty to nappy free nights but i thought he would be the only kid starting school wearing nappies LOL

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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