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what would you do? Lock Rss

Hi, we have recently started TT DS aged 2. The toilet is a bit of a novelty at the moment so he always says "toilet" and starts to take off his clothes, even if he has just been. So my question is do I just bear with it and take him even though I don't think he needs to go, until the novelty wears off? It's my first time so not sure if I am doing the right thing? haha.
Thanks =)
I would! yay for the novelty value!! i would just leave him be and let him go on it whenever he wants. also pop him on when you think he might go.

are you a zookeeper?
Thanks for your reply OC1246, we have been letting him go when he wants and he has finally mastered poo's in the toilet but not wee's (at least those accidents are easier to clean). So thanks for the advice.
lol @ am i a zookeeper? no unless you call my house a zoo! When ds is feral or in a mood my dh always asks "what sort of zoo are you running here?" lol
Yes, I would go with the novelty thing. My DD has been fascinated by the toilet from when she could walk. I bought her a little potty and left it near where she plays.

Now she is just over 2 and it has been so easy to teach her (well she watches me like a hawk) so she kind of knew what to do anyway.
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