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My daughter wont do number 2's on the potty or toilet Rss

Hi all,
Just wondering how i can get my daughter to do poos on the toilet or potty. She wears Undies all day, and only has nappy for bed time. She can happily put herself on the potty or toilet to do wees, but she wont do it for poos. She poos her undies, and wont even tell me she has done them. If i see her needing to do a poo, i will get her to sit on the potty or toilet, and she will do the smallest poo ever, and then 10 minutes later have done a big poo in her knickers. If anyone has experienced this before what did you do to get them to stop? or does anyone out there have any tips. Oh and yes we are doing the sticker chart thing, but just for poos now... HELP
Hi there,
My son is exactly the same! He is 3 and a half. How old is your daughter?

My son wears undies all day long and takes himself to the toilet for wees but as soon as his 'night' nappy is on he'll do a poo in it or go to sleep and poo in it in the morning when he wakes up. We've tried everything aswell! We are going to get his potty out again (might be fear of the giant toilet for him), and decorate it with some of his Spiderman stickers. Hopefully that will give him some encouragement. Sorry I don't have any advice! Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone! smile

its quite normal for this to happen don't stress, the bigger deal you make of it the worse it will get and one day you will get a surprise in the toilet.... just make sure they are eating enough fruit and water....

my son used to wait for his night nappy......I used to buy cheap ones.... and say thats ok but you do poos in the toilet room not the bed room....

my daughter is the same will wait for a nappy to do poos.... same deal...

oh the joys of parenting...
how old is she? maybe she would benefit from a little break, sometimes even just a few months more is all they need to get used to the idea. often they will just ask to use the toilet in that time.

we tried to TT DS1 in october last year and he was ok with wees at first but never would do a poo. he would either do it in his jocks or wait til his nappy was on for his nap to do one, or hold onto it and do a huge one the next day! not good! after 2 weeks of it he started having more accidents instead of less (started out with one or two a day, then was having 3 or 4 a day). so in the end we decided that he wasn't quite ready.

we waited until 2 weeks ago, and then told him we were going to go to big boy undies. the first day he didn't have any wee accidents, but did do a poo in his jocks. for the first week and a bit he did it in his jocks or nappy during nap time (meaning he woke up from his nap early blink )

then we decided he needed a bit more motivation, so we got him something we knew he would really love - a buzz lightyear costume. yes, it was bribery, but within a couple of day of telling him that we had the costume for him once he did poos in the potty, he did one in there! then today he just went to the toilet on his own and did one! before that he never did a wee in the toilet. i was amazed!

we have also been using a sticker chart and prizes for every 5 stickers. now we have weaned him off the prizes, so its just stickers. hopefully when we get to the end of the chart we wont need to use that anymore!

Hi guys,

My son is almost four and has been fully toilet trained during the day for over a year, at night time for about six months now.

I understand the frustration. I thought once he was good with doing wee on the toilet that the poo would naturally progress, it didn't! (I've often told people I found toilet training harder than teething!) I figured, he'd naturally need to do a poo - had he not done one in his underwear by around lunch time) so, I would tell him that it was time to go into the toilet to do poo's.

He was very resistant at first, I think at one point I sat on the floor of the toilet with him for an hour one day. I feigned pushing a poo out so that he knew he could do it and not be afraid. It also helps, as gross as it seems to those without kids, to have them in the toilet with you when you need to go. As a single mum, I've never had the option of having him watch a male go, so - as you can imagine - getting him to stand up to pee was a triumph!

Eventually, after sitting with him for two weeks, he did a poo. I made such a massive deal about it and gave him one of the most amazing toys that he thought that it was pretty cool. He has since done number 2's on the toilet since Feb last year.

I know this may not work with all of your kids, but remember that patience is the key...and persistence! You have to be more stubborn than them and, sometimes, be cruel to be kind. My son was never scared of the toilet when I made him sit there, but he got so fed up with just sitting there that he realised it was time to just do as I asked.

Let's hope that continues into his teenage years, LOL! Good luck!!!

DS 1.3.07

Thanks all for your feed back,
She is 3 4 in november, i have tried a sticker reward, icy pole reward, trips out as a reward, but they dont seem to work. I thought the toilet might be scary so i give her the option of potty or toilet. But she still refuses to do them any where else but her knickers or nappy for nap time and or bedtime. I guess, i just have to persist with the matter, and continue to explain that poos need be done in potty or toilet. She is my first child so im still new to this, but i didnt think it would be to hard to comprehend that poos go in the same place as wees, as i have explained this to her so many times.
does she see you or her dad do a poo? i know it sounds a bit gross, but i would let DS1 sit with me when i went. i told him to listen for it (sorry tmi!) and then he would want to see it (i know still gross!) but i would let him, its all about learning.

then when i was finished i would stand up and make a big song and dance about how mummy had done a poo in the toilet and we would wave bye bye to it as we flushed it away.

Yeah i do let her come with me when i need to do a number 2, i get her to sit on her potty next to me, and i make a big deal about it. I even have a seat for her to sit on the toilet instead of the potty if she needs to do a poo. But i must be doing something wrong, because she is going backwards, yesterday was a poo in her knickers, and then she sat on her pillow on her bedroom floor and did a wee... Im lost now... i dont know what else to do
Try not to feel to bad, my DD is the same at the moment no nappies during the day at all, not even when we go out but she will ask me for a nappy when she needs to do number 2's! She has done 2 poos on the toiley which were acidental and just came out but both times it was when her aunty was taking her to the toilet, she called me on the phone sooo escited but still wont do one for me asnd has not done one since, this drives me crazy but I guess one day it will just happen! <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />
Hi there! Feeling for you.. I went through the same with my son who is now 6. He was completely 'wee'trained, even attended kindy 2 days, but would ask for a nappy for poos. Nothing worked! We made him go to the bathroom to do it, and also he took the nappy to the bin afterwards! All along he said when I'm 4 I will do it in the toilet..and the morning of his 4th birthday he woke me up Mum I did a poo in the toilet! He had! And no trouble since! Thats not really encouraging though is it?! Sorry, nothing worked, he did it when he was ready! And now my daughter is going along the same track...she's wearing undies all morning till naptime, no accidents, but also won't sit on the potty,even for wees, waits until her naptime nappy,then sits on the potty again before bathm sometimes successfully... so I'll be back asking advice from all you great mums! Hang in there, it does happen!!!!
my daughter won't do poo on the toilet either.... don't stress about it the more a big deal you make the worse it will get....

my brother and wife did this to their daughter and she was nearly 5 before she got it.

my son was nearly 4.5 and my daughter waits till she gets a night nappy on .... the joys of being a parent... basically kids can control what goes in their mouths and out their bums......

what i do is start out by doing the farting game.... gross i know but you do it and see if she can do it then you know she has control down there.... then when she does wees see if she can do a fart again you do it and she does it.... see how it goes..... kids love toilet humour....

my daughter shocked her pre school teachers by singing her version of London bridge is falling down and when it was her turn she sung build it up with "POOS AND WEEEEEEEES" laughing her wee head off..... oh the joys of toilet humour..... oh and also toilets are only for big people to do poos on and big kids.... got my son going.....
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