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3 yr old keeps weeing in her undies and STILL wears pullups at night!! HELP Lock Rss

Hi all..

DD is 3yrs and 4 months old. She was awesome at going to the toilet, etc for about 6 months til DS born and then it all went downhill.. She doesn't realise she needs to go to the toilet til AFTER she wee's a little in her undies and then goes "Oh mummy I need to wee, I wee'd my undies!" Now I know she doesn't have in infection as she is never in any pain, no redness or itchiness anywhere and when she has some days where she's awesome at taking herself to the toilet.
Does anyone have any idea's how I can rectify this? I was thinking of just reminding her all the time but that's going way back to day 1!?

Also, I forgot to put a pull up on her last night and she came into our room at 2am saying she wet the bed, and she was soaked. About a month before DS was born she woke dry.. I've heard of kids going backwards when siblings are born but he is 5 months old now. Shouldn't this have rectified by now?

At my witts end! She is an extrememly intelligent girl for her age aswell, already almost writing her name and recognising words written down. She spoke 3 word sentences at 13 months just to give u an idea. SO I don't understand why TT is a big deal now, especially since it was going great before DS was born.

I had the same problem but my son was 2 when my next baby came along and he was already fully trained then he went back to nappies.. I have four kids now and from my experiance I say pull ups a re a waste of time. I used them for one of my sons and he was the hardest to train until I threw them out the door and just went cold turkey and used undies.. I would continue with the training anf not make a big deal of the fact that she has gone backwards. Have some sort of reward system, stickers, beads on a neclace, etc.. And get rid of the pull ups all together. As for bedtime just do the same! Toliet stop before bed time put a protector on the bed, put the potty in the bed room and just do it... you will have any accidents but that is normal, expect loads of washing and then she will just do it.. Encouragement and reward..
Try not to worry I have a three year old who is basically toilet trained I hadn't put a pull up on her at night for ages till one night I think about a week ago she wet the bed I just happened to be in her bed to as I fell asleep getting her to sleep yep I coped her wee too lol.
I have hone back to putting pull ups on night as well.
It is normal dd is the first experience I have had with toilet training so it's all new to me I have asked family who have kids older and they all have said it gets worse I.e accidents before it gets better I have two little boys in my family who are six who still wear pull ups to bed.
It will get better just try and keep on her back about reminding her about using the toilet and keep the pull ups on at night till she starts waking up dry again.
I think to myself it won't last forever he he he your little girl does sound very bright my dd is very excited about starting kindy next year and big school I have started to tell her nicely that for a big girl to go to school she has to use the toilet.
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