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3 day potty training Lock Rss

Hi, I am about to start training my 2 year old (just turned 2 yesterday) tomorrow. Would appreciate if someone could forward me the 3 day TT guide as with two at a time the quicker it's done the better for me... Has anyone else tried this guide with multiples? Would love your feedback smile

My email address is
[email protected]

Thanks heaps and congrats to all those mums who have been TT and have been successful at it... smile
Hi Ladies,

I know this thread was from quite a while ago but I was hoping someone might have a copy of the 3 day toilet training ebook that they could possibly email to me? [email protected]

Thank you smile
Hi guys can someone please email me 3 day toilet training guide as none of my bribes working aggghh!! My email is [email protected] thank you fellow mummy's!!
So we eventually did the 3 day method end of october 2012 with our 26 month old boy and I have to say it was pretty horrible as he seemed to have no idea when he was about to wee and pretty well weed everywhere for the first day and a half! He absolutely hated weeing on himself and spent most of the day in tears (as did I!), and worse still, ended up being scared of the potty. Afternoon of day 2 my husband came up with a great idea which was to paint our 2 red and green ikea potties (fantastic buy at $4.95 each and lots of room up front for wilies!) so they looked like a ladybird and a frog! This fixed the potty fear. After day 4 we decided that since he still had no idea when the wee was coming, we would just take him to the potty every hour, as he was weeing pretty frequently at this stage. Long story short, we progressed from there, to now having very few accidents (couple of drops in undies occasionally) and about to ditch the night nappies. So I would say that the 3 day method was a great 'kick-start' to toilet training, but in the end we had to do it the 'long way'. I've since been told the 3 day method works much better for girls, but Im still glad we tried it, as he is basically toilet trained in less than 3 months, and not even 2 and a half yet (have also progressed recently to the big boy toilet as well). For those of you who the 3 day method doesnt work for, I borrowed a book from my local library called 'The no-cry potty training solution' and would highly recommend it. Good luck to you all, and goodbye nappies!
Just bookmarking so I can read through this when I have more time smile
Hi, please can someone email the 3day potty training Ebook, my little boy has just turned 2 and would appreciate all the help I can get! [email protected]
thanking you all kindly for sharing.... smile
My DD is 26 months, if someone could email me a copy of the 3 day tt I would be eternally grateful!!!! [email protected]

TIA xxxxxx
can someone please send the 3 day training to me to
[email protected]
got 5 yr old girl who up until a few months ago did really well on toilet and now she wees herself without going to toilet
ej''''smum, I have sent you a friend request if you want to chat about tt. I am having alot of trouble with my 3yr old ds as well.

Can someone please share a copy of the 3 day potty training ebook, I would really really appreciate it. Getting a bit frustrated with my almost 3 yo boy, trying to toilet train him since the start of the year. Then lately I'm looking after another 2 mo as well... Been hearing/reading this a lot online. My email add is [email protected]. Thanks so much...
If you want to trained your child quickly then you can try this.We tried the method talked about potty training learning with the animals app... Can really recommend it
Hi, please can someone email the 3day potty training Ebook, my little girl is nearly 2 and would appreciate all the help I can get to get the process started! [email protected]
Monim0103, What is the animal app you are referring to?
thanking you all kindly for sharing your advice and experiences.... smile

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