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3 day potty training Lock Rss

I know this post was put on 2 years ago but could I have the book emailed to me??! [email protected]. Much appreciated.
Just wondering if someone could email me a copy of the book? Would really appreciate it!
[email protected]

could i please get copy too of the 3 day training guide email is [email protected]
We tried the 3-day PT method and it only works during the day. My dd has to wear nappies at night because she tends to get wet while sleeping.
my DD is fully TT now except night time and she has been since she was 2 years old.

we used a reward system and a I let her choose the knickers she wanted and bought them. Took a little less than 3 days for us, she was great.

what have u tried so far? sometimes they just aren't ready and if you force it, it can seriously back lash on ya =)
Hi all. My little one is nearly ready for toilet training. Her is my email address if someone could email me through the 3 day potty training program I would really appreciate it. Thank you everyone. [email protected]
HI could someone please email me the 3 day potty training guide. [email protected]
I'm just commenting so I can follow it/ read tomorrow!
My son is refusing and he's 2. My ilder 2 were very easy to tt, so I need advice!!!
Would like yo get a copy of the pottu training guide too pls.. [email protected]
Would love a copy too although I don't plan on starting for a while yet I would live to start reading it! My email is [email protected]. smile Thankyou
I dont know about 3 days but if u let ur littke one watch u go they are more inclined to go themselves and its a matter of taking the nappy off and litterally follow them all day with the potty placing them on it atleast every 10-15 minutes untill they wee then half hour later u will get great succeas rates i have 4 children 2 are toilet trained 100% and 1 is half there shes still scared of number 2s in the toilet dont ask y i dunno and my 2 yearold ia just starting toilet training ????
Could someone please email the PDF form of 3 Day Potty to me please. I am sooo desperate my son turned 3 in March and still won't go toilet. He sits on it but does nothing. My email is [email protected] Please any help will be greatly appreciated
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