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3 day potty training Lock Rss

I would really appreciate if someone could send me a copy as well - [email protected] It took us 6 long months to train our son - now it is my daughters turn and it isn't going well so far!! Thanks so much!!!
There is a great toilet training center. It can give you a service and it can be very much informative for your newborn child. In this modern age you need to be modern so toilet training resistance is a great source for you that are being found every time and every sphere of life.
hello can someone please send me the 3 day tt method to [email protected] .. my baby gets scared of things so easily and i dont want to start training without knowing the best method..because if she gets scared of potty or toilet i dont think i would be able to get her used to it again.. thank you so much in advance..
Hi I'd love a copy of this pretty please, just started with my girl twin and in need of some ideas [email protected]
Can i get a copy emailed to me aswell please. [email protected]
Thanks in advance
Hi all, if anyone is still following this post that has the guide, I would be extremely grateful for a copy? [email protected]. Thank you and have a lovely potty free day hopefully?! smile
Hi, would love a copy of this emailed to me thanks. [email protected]
Start potty training in 3 short days.

- Never use pull-ups
- Reward your babies and give them recognition i.e. certificates
- Reward chart is the fun way to track their progress in potty training and will keep them motivated.
- After their training give them a certificate of recognition.
- If they see an interest in that white bowl with water. Encourage them and show them how to use it.

These are only of some of the few quick and easy methods that you can use in potty training.

I will recommend you a book named Potty Training in 3 days by Carol Cline. She's the world’s best renowned potty training expert in the world. Her book consists of Potty training Do's and Don’ts. 6 Crucial Building blocks. And it’s available 24/7 by clicking here . Even if your child is regressing or being stubborn. Over 263,000 people in 154 countries used her methods all over the world. It's one of the highest rates in satisfaction industry. Over 97.4% satisfied readers. Most of the parents love the guide. And we want to hear the new next testimonial from you.

How this book can benefit you? It can save you from tears, frustrations and loads of time. Less stress, larger financial savings and a better life. You don't need to worry about having accidents everywhere you go. The book comes in Bonus Package which consists of:

1. Rewards Charts and Certificates - you can print and customize their Big Kid Certificate and can display everywhere.
2. Personal 1 on 1 coaching - simply email your unique questions and Carol Cline will answer you personally.
3. How to raise great kids - A parenting bible with challenging topics.

All of these are free when you buy her book for only $37.00. Its 8 week full money back guaranteed. But really, how much can you save from this guide alone. With diapers, wipes and butt paste you'll be spending at least $480.00/year. This is a onetime investment of only $37.00. Money back Guaranteed for full 8 weeks! 97.4 success rate. And there's additional bonus, it comes with versions that work with all E-Readers such as Kindle, Nook and Ipad. We want to hear a new testimonial from you! Start saving now.

You can find out loads more about Carol Cline and how she stumbled across her proven method for potty training in three days by clicking here.
It is all very well using these tools, which are good tools. However you need to wait until your child is ready. It doesn't really matter when you want to do it, if your child isn't ready then you are pushing s*&T before you even start. Just be patient and wait until they tell you they are ready, have the discussion, let them in the bathroom while you are peeing (like any of us can pee alone anyway smile ) Just take your time and when they are ready then talk to them about it, stick them in big kid knickers, and use some of the tools suggested. I really don't think that it is rocket science.
Hi there,

I think it's important to point out different methods of potty training will be more effective with different little ones. We have tried a lot of methods and we did have success with the 3 day one.

I would recommend reading up on the topic first - this blog site has good general information.

Hope this helps. Thanks smile
I used of those 3 day programs, BEST DECISION EVER!! Not Lora Jenson's that one was HORRIBLE.

Don't struggle like I did, this guide tells you exactly what to do, and even has a "bumps in the road section" for everything you could possibly across during training. HIGHLY recommend it http://49ff3a1nr916a4alw14sqr1p8y.hop.clickbank...
hi my2kidlets, i would like to have the 3 days toilet training tips from you pls. I started my daughter toilet train for months but she still not quite get there. very frustrating sad
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