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3 day potty training Lock Rss

No worries ladies, I have just emailed it to you now. The PM function seems to not be working still unfortunately.

Another tip I can give you is give them HEAPS to drink. The more times they drink, the more wees they need to do, therefore the more learning opportunities they have. We made it fun by getting out all the cups and filling them with water, made smoothies, gave juice as a treat etc.

Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to hearing how you go.
Hi there, I never heard of the 3 day training, but I started toilet training late last week DD who is 2yr 1month and pretty much with in 4-5 days she was in undies. so far we are on day 4 of undies and the only accident is poo, (touch wood)which she comes to us right away to say she has done it. our main reward was stickers and once she got to 10 it was either a lollie or freddo. she is only now occasionally asking for a sticker after a toilet trip. We dont have to keep asking if she needs to go either, she calls out that she need to go and we have to follow!!!
Good luck, I hope your little ones go well smile
If someone could pretty please email it to me too it would be greatly appreciated.
[email protected]

Thank you smile

Could someone please email it to me too at [email protected] I am currently toliet training my de at the moment and he never tells me he has to go so I need help thanks heaps

DD 6/7/05 DD 29/7/07 and Due 20 June

hi, i am not sure about 3 day training, but my 2.5 year old was toilet trained in just 2 weeks (day trained -still working on nights). i read some books and info on internet, but in the end, created our ownroutine. We let her run around with no nappy on at first, taking the potty everywhere, when we saw her cues such as grunting, squinting, concentrating, we would take her straight to the potty. she then realised this is what you do. we never used pullyps, nor did we keep her home. we went to a resturant 3 days into the toilet training, and she wore knickers. i just took her constantly to the public toilets. i think, if your child is old enough or able to communicate with you, the easier it is. We tried toilet training our daughter at 18 months, but she was no where near ready, but 2.5 is a different story. good luck
Would be interested in having a look at the information too if someone could forward it through. We are just starting with DD2 (24mths), and have 2 friends with 2yr olds starting too.

My email is [email protected]

Thanking you in advance, and good luck everyone x
It'd be very helpful if you can email me a copy of it too, please:

[email protected]

quite clueless where to start...

thanks so much!
How is everyone going with this, has anyone started it yet? Would love to hear how you are going.

How is everyone going with this, has anyone started it yet? Would love to hear how you are going.

Hi there - I just read your experiences in this forum and wondered if you would mind sending me a copy also (to [email protected]). My just turned 3yo is 'doing my head in' with refusal to toilet train! I'm desperate for help smile Many thanks Beckie
thanks for forwarding it to me mummies! Appreciate that!
Any chance someone could email this to me too please [email protected]
My ds was fairly easy to train but dd is proving difficult.

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Im not sure of the 3 day potty training, but we TT DD at about 26months, she was 2 in september and fully TT by november, the thing though, she had major constipation issues and if we saw her doing a poo we would put her on the toilet from about 12 months, it was easier for her to push it out. Each day for over a month prior to TT after breakfast would be no nappy time and she would do a wee, this was a great start for us.

DS is 19 months, has done 1 wee and 2 poos on the toilet, as he has no issues with the poos, they just come out, but if we see him pushing then we get him to the toilet, he is no where near ready but it doesnt hurt to try. He sits on the toilet at least once a day, often nothing, mostly because he watched the rest of us go, DH, myself and DD

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