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what to get for TT 16 months old Lock Rss

i want to start potty trained or toilet trained my 16 months old, what do i need to get? what sort of potty? or seat? how to start?
That's a bit early isn't it?

i would like to start her early, give her an idea eventhough success rate might not be high.

That's a bit early isn't it?
I would have thought a little early too. Anyway, I've always avoided a potty as I think it's just another step to wean them off later. I just got the seat insert and a little step. To start with I just show them all the stuff and then just let them lead. If they are comfortable enough they'll want to sit there, even if they don't need to do anything. I usually just started by sitting them on the toilet (if they were happy to do so) when their nappy comes off at bathtime and then first nappy change in the morning. Once they do that first wee they usually get the idea pretty fast smile
Our DD was given a potty which plays music. We started sitting her on it at around 16 months and 2 months on we have had several successful potty times. We leave it out and open all the time, and she has now starting going to it when she wants (not always to wee - sometimes just to be like mummy). We aren't officially potty training but looks like we will be soon. I highly recommend getting them used to whatever you are going to use but don't stress about "actual toilet training"
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