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DS wont poo on toilet! Why? Lock Rss

So DS1 is 2yrs old hes been TT for 4 weeks now and hes doing excellent with doing wee's hes only had a few wee accidents, but when it comes to him doing a poo he will either poo his pants or wait til we put his nappy on him for bed or just hold it in then when it does come out its very hard.
On the 2nd day of TT he did a poo in the potty and hasn't done so since.
Is there something i can do to encourage him or what??

I have a sticker chart for him which he loves when he does a wee he gets a sticker and i told him if he does a poo on the potty he can have 2 stickers and a lolly but he won't budge.

Should i just let him do his thing and leave him alone til he figures it out?

I dont know so any help would be greatful grin
My DS was a little bit the same. For him I think he was scared of the idea of it even though he was totally fine with wees. If he did a poo in his jocks I would put him on the toilet anyway and say to him that we poo on the toilet. As frustrating as it can be sometimes I think keep talking to him about it and hopefully in time he will click and be fine with it. After about 2 weeks DS did a poo on the floor in our spare room, he was so embarressed by it. The next day he went on the toilet himself then ran out excited that he'd done a poo. Keep up with the reward chart and offer lots of praise.

ETA: Before bed time maybe you could put him on the potty/toilet for a little bit and ask him if he needs to do a poo. After a bit he may just do one

ETA: Before bed time maybe you could put him on the potty/toilet for a little bit and ask him if he needs to do a poo. After a bit he may just do one

Thanks will try that smile
I have read in a magazine that you can let them have nappy on an say when you need to do a poo you need to stand in toilet area, tell them it's ok to ask for a nappy on to do a poo, after a week or so, try and get them to sit on toilet when they ask for a nappy before you put it on, if nothing happens put nappy on and try again next time smile when they poo in nappy in toilet area praise them for doing in nappy in toilet area hopefully they will get use to sitting to do a poo smile

I read somewhere it is scary for them to sit on the loo and do a poo because it feels like a part of them is being lost in the loo.
My DS poo'd his jocks for AGES, I just changed it with minimal fuss and reminded him to tell me before he needs to go so we can get to the toilet on time, and we had a bit of a wee and poo dance that we did and....yes, chocolate as bribery and finally one day, he got it, literally overnight he stopped poo'ing his jocks and started taking himself to the loo.
To this day, he is now 3 years and 4 months, he tells me he is going to do poos.
I personally think they will get it when they are ready and just support and guidance along the way will see them get it right:-)

With my DS the tt for wees was easy, just like your DS. The poos he was the same but 5 weeks after we started he just got up one day and went to the toilet. Never looked back since. The bribe of when you do wees & poos on the toilet and not in a nappy then you can choose a toy may have helped smile

He'll do it when he's ready
you can get these little thing for the toilet that change the water colour
cant remember the name i got them in a sample bag
i am also having the same problem with my son we have been toilet training for 4 months and he has wees down packed but has never pooed in toiled yet alays does it in his nappy or or joacks doesnt even tell me he needs to go very frustrating but i figure ijust wait it out and he has to get it eventually doesnt he? i hope so getting very frustrated
it sounds like this is a common thing which makes me feel a little better, tried all of the above (accept the toilet water colour thing) and my 2.5yr DD still wont do poos. shes been TT for 6months and does wees just fine shes even completely dry at night and has been for over 4months but cant get her to do a poo for the life of me.. ive given up i just remind her that its yukky in her pants and tell her that she needs to do it on the toilet like mummy and daddy, just the same as her wee wees.... but next day poo in the pants AGAIN blink hopefully one day it will just click
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