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how to encourage DD to poo in toilet... Lock Rss

For our DD1 wee's in the toilet was one thing, and poo's in the toilet was a totally different (and scary) thing. She was frightened of pooing in the toilet for a good month or two after being 'wee trained'. She would also use a nappy for poo's if she had one on. But she would poo in the potty no worries. After she did it, we let her watch us 'plonk' it in the toilet (which she thought was funny). One day she just got onto the toilet to do wee's then out plonked a poop laugh she was so excited & proud.

Maybe let her watch you so she knows that's what people do? It will happen eventually though.
my son was scared he'd fall in the toilet so he only poo'd on the potty till he outgrew it! are you using a potty? have you got a baby seat attachment on the loo seat? it's a big scarey thing for them I reckon. get her comfy and relaxed on a potty and let her show you she's ready for the big toilet in time. it will happen...haven't seen any 15 years old still using a potty or in nappies!!!

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Our DD was fine with weeing in the toilet but poos were a different matter. She would wait all day until you put the night time nappy on then go. Both hubby & I got tired of this after trying everything else to encourage her so in the end resorted to good old bribery, ie. if you poo in the toilet, you can have some chocolate. We had a bag of chocolate balls from Darryl Lee, so it wasn't a huge piece of chocolate each time but just enough for her to use the toilet & not her nappy. It is frustrating but it will happen!


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