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4 and wont poo on the toilet Lock Rss


My son is 5 in December and we have had similar problems to you. Our guy's problems started with some constipation before we toilet trained him. Now he will stand with his legs crossed and hold on or go and hide and hold on.

I find it sooo frustrating some days cause he will just do a little bit in his undies cause he obviously cant hold onto it. His comes from a fear of it hurting.

We saw a paediatrcian who seemed to think he would grow out of it and we saw an occupational therapist who tried to blame it on his diet!!

We have times where he is better and will tell us he needs to go and others where we catch him holding on and take him and he poos on the toilet.

My biggest concern is he starts school next year and kids can be unkind!!

Sorry for the long saga - in summary - he is better than this time last year and I think he will get there but gee I hope its soon!!!
i have 2 years old twins that are completely toilet trained, and one of them still does poo's in his undies.. where as the other twin does them in the toilet!!

3rd baby due 15 july.. sibling for my twins

When DD1 first was toilet trained she too would refuse to poo in the toilet. She would demand a nappy & cry if you wouldn;t put one on her. Then she would go hide behind the curtains & we would hear some grunting & smell the stink & out she would come!!

I think this went on for about 6mths then one day it just stopped like that, I think it was an accident. We thought she was going to just wee then a poo come out & she realised it was not too bad laugh
They say boys are much different to girls as far as training. Boys see their poos as an achievement, or trophy. Thsy quite like the fact that they can carry it around in their nappy!

I told my son (3.5yrs) that every one likes a party and so do poos. we send his poos off to the poo party! with every one elses. Seemed to work for him.

he dose like to wear a nappy but I try and get him in undies first thing in the morning then he has no choice but to go to the toilet.

So far So good
Good luck

We are going through the same thing with our 3 1/2 year old. Has been toilet trained from about 2 but will not have a bar of pooing in the toilet. He also had a bout of constipation before he started toilet training and we are wondering if this is why he won't poo on the toilet. He is a very private when he does his poos too, he tends to find a place and doesn't like you to come near him. He sometimes ends up constipated again as he holds on for a few days. He is very good at telling us when he needs to go and always asks for a nappy so we don't have him going in his undies but it is very frustrating. We have tried everything to get him to go with no success.
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