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3 day TT Lock Rss

Could I please have a copy sent to me too please
Hi, could someone please email this to me at:

[email protected]

I would love the info also - started TT my almost 3 year old DS today - what a disaster!!!! My email is [email protected] - thanks!
Could you please email the 3 day TT guide to me also?

My email address is [email protected]

I am wanting to start TT my 2yo son smile

Me too please!!

[email protected]

If it's not too late to tag on...

I would also love for a copy to be sent to me.. Im in some serious need of help and guidance.. Thank You

[email protected]
me too! im really stuck on how to get my lil girl toilet trained shes almost 2 & 1/2 yr old. she did her first and only wee on the toilet at her friends (i missed it!) because her best bud did !

my email is [email protected]

would be much appreciated!!! grin

I would love some info if you wouldn't mind sending some. I have a 3 year old who has not interest at all. He will sit on the toilet if I am constantly reminding him, but we have been doing that for months. It doesn't seem to be sticking with him. my email is [email protected] Thank you.
I would love a copy of the 3 day TT if you wouldn't mind. I know you have had a lot of requests for it so far, but it sounds so good. My email address is

[email protected]

Thank you so much!
Could i also please get a copy of this? Have tried a couple of times with my 2yo son with no luck so far! The more help the better!

[email protected]

Thanks so much!

Could i please get a copy off this please, my son is nearly 3 and feel like iv tried everything so far
My email is [email protected]
Could I please have a copy sent to me at:
[email protected]
thank you!
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