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3 day TT Lock Rss

hi i would love to have a look too if you still able to send it...
having trouble with my 2nd and would like her TT esp when number three is on the way

[email protected]
My son is 4 and a half and still not toilet trained. I need any new ideas I can get.
[email protected]
could i have a copy please?

[email protected]

I would be very interested in this info as my youngest is getting very interested in the toilet...
[email protected]
Thanks smile
Yes please I would love it if you could send me the 3 day TT program.
We are edging on starting but am a little nervous.
It is very generous of you to share. Thanks xx

[email protected]
Hi Keeki,
Just wanted to say thankyou so much for sending me the info on the 3 day TT. I've been mucking around with the idea of TT with my 3 year old for about a year. And asking professionals, friends, other Huggie readers how to TT- l was confused. But reading what you sent me- has concreted the direction to go with my daughter in regards to TT..... nappies bye bye and undies 24/7. My only question to you is did you sleep in your son's room for night training? Last night my DD did a wee in her bed.... and l left it till morning. Not really sure if to sleep in her room or just get her out of bed once l find her wet and wake her up and deal with it. Tonight we tried waking her up one hour after initial sleep and she screamed the house down.... l see what the author wants to do with getting her aware of going to the toilet at night is okay but it was simply horrible...... but then again we only have to do it for "three nights".
Anyhoo... if this method works great for us... and if not- it's made a year of muddling around with the idea of TT much clearer (and for me- much much much more happier!).
Hey smile

Im interested in the 3 day TT mostly for DD2 when she's ready, but also for DD1 at night time.

[email protected]
Thank you thank you... this would be a lifesaver... so nervous about it all too, glad I'm not the only one. Up all hours tonight scouring the web searching for advice as we are starting TT any day now - lots of signs of readiness. Seeing this thread means I can now get some sleep.. LOL

[email protected]

Thanks!! smile
Please can some one email me the info on 3 day potty training.
I have tried listening to my mothers advice without any success.
Need all the help i can get we have been trying on and off for months without any progress.

[email protected]
Hi hun, I'm so sorry I deleted the email. Do you mind if you resend it? [email protected]

Thanks so so much xx

Started TT ds 1 month ago and i used the 3 day potty training method. I just wanted to give it a huge wrap grin My ds is now fully TT night and day it was a hard 3 days but he finally got it and no accidents after a week.
If anyone wants me to email the method to them id be more then happy to just leave your email and ill send it as soon as i can smile

Hi, I would really apreciate if you can send it to me too to " [email protected] "
I have been trying to tt my 2 and half son for the last few days and it's not going anyWHERE!!!!, so I am wellcoming any help especially if it works grin .
Me too please! [email protected]

We have just started TT today but DS decided he didn't like the idea of having to always go to the toilet - LAZY! But sometimes he wants to!!!

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